Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Eating Healthy

I tend to do a lot of 'surfing' around the net, checking things out, reading about various different topics. I have not yet been to, but I do like the idea of weight loss, and who doesn't like to think they can do it quickly?

The latest thing I've been researching, when I have a minute or two to read, is Raw Food Diet. I have purchased 2 books as well as been reading on the internet. I don't know how quickly one would get healthier or slimmer eating this type of diet, though I do believe that one would achieve these goals in a fairly short period of time. I plan on finding out. Oh, I don't think I can or will even try changing over 100% right away. For one thing, I have food in the house that needs to be used first before I go to new stuff, but I think that as I use it and need to purchase more groceries that they will be geared towards my new way of eating. I've been reading some very interesting recipes that I will enjoy trying out. I've never been one to cook for myself... and now I won't have to, lol. I will still have to prepare, just not cook. I used to think that an all raw diet would mean you could just eat some apples or bananas or pears or such fruits as well as carrots, or cucumbers or other various veggies. Well, I see now that when you mix some of these things together you can have a very delicious and varied diet, as well as a very healthy one.

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