Thursday, April 01, 2010

Sad News

Yesterday I told you of the Good News... now today I will tell you of the very sad news.

My poor Reba is not getting better. In fact, her foot is more swollen now than it was before and she nearly bit me on Tuesday when I was petting her. I wasn't even near the sore foot and she got very snarly with me. This shows that the pain level has risen again. I have put her back on asprins for the pain and am making arrangements to have her put to sleep. This has to work around Good Friday and Easter Sunday & Monday with the vet offices closed. It also has to work around Dan's schedule as I need his help with the funeral planning. Well, not the planning exactly, but the digging of the large hole in my front yard. I've already done the planning years ago when my cat Smoothedge (3 years, had her since new born) was hit on the highway and I buried her in the front yard. When my wonderful D-O-G (11 1/2 years, had her since 7 weeks old) was hit on the highway she joined Smoothedge. The same thing happened to my 'new' dog Bronx 2 months to the day after D-O-G. Two years ago, Smoothedge's son Shadow joined them when he passed away from kidney failure, just 6 weeks short of his 17th birthday. Cherry Chinchilla & Tomas Budgie Bird also claim a spot in the ever growing Pet Cemetery in my front yard. Now it is Reba's turn.

This may sound like a lot of animals have passed on here... it feels like that to me too. However, this is over a 19 1/2 year period, so is not really all that extreme. Each one takes a piece of me with them when they go. Each one has been dearly loved and has given me a very valuable part of themselves.


Thom said...

Oh Alice I'm so sorry to hear this. But maybe it's for the best. You will always have wonderful memories of Reba. So will I :) Please know I send all my thoughts and aloha to you and Reba. :)

Twain12 said...

sorry to hear about Reba, we had to bury a few too over the years, it is always hard

Travis said...

I'm very sorry to hear that she isn't getting better. I hope your last days with her are peaceful.

Finding Pam said...

It hurts as bad as the first time when you loose a pet. I am sorry for your loss of a fantastic friend/pet.