Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Dropping Pounds

Many people believe in using weight loss supplements, and that's okay as everyone has the right to their own opinion. I have, in years past, tried this method and for me it didn't work, though for others maybe it does, I don't know. I only know that for me, there is only one way to go... eat less, move more. Or at least, less calories in, and burn more calories. Skipping meals doesn't seem to work, but eating smaller portions and/or eating low calorie foods does seem to help a lot. In my TOPS groups, I have been learning to substitute low cal for high cal... like yogurt instead of sour cream, broth soups instead of cream soups, etc etc, as well as no butter on bread or toast when using something like jam or peanut butter. You don't need it all and leaving off the butter can save you calories.

I have recently been voted in a Assistant Leader in my TOPS club. Should be an interesting year. This program is working for me and last night at Toastmasters, I was given a nice compliment... in a humorous way. I had worn a red blazer that looks great on me and it was too hot (wool), I was sweating so had to take it off. Underneath I had on a nice blouse and was wearing black slacks and black heels. Sheila told me that I am now slim enough to start tucking in my blouse, I don't have to wear it out any more. I like that and will now tuck them in.

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