Friday, February 19, 2010

Reba's Foot

I think I am going to soon need some anti aging products at the rate my life is going. My poor Reba dog has got a very bad limp which has been worrying me a lot & the cost of vets is just so out of line that I can't go there. Reba has never liked having her feet touched and now that she has pain it's not an easy thing to get a good look. Slowly, bit by bit, I've been able to see that it's not the ankle as I first thought, but is the inside toe on her left front foot. Then the other day I got good enough look to see an open wound at the base of the nail on that toe. Today, she was on the tailgate of my truck and I was able to get another look. I could actually see down the inside of that toe nail!!! I don't have a clue as to how this could happen, but I do know I have to get more information on it as she is in pain and that makes me age a whole lot faster than normal. Somehow this will work out in a good way... it has to. Other than that sore foot, Reba is doing well.

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