Friday, February 19, 2010

My Bedroom

I am relaxing on my bed while watching TV and working on my laptop. I look around and see the bird cage on the vanity (my bed, vanity & high boy dresser all match, antiques that used to be my parent's and they gave the set to me when the got a larger bed years ago now). In that cage live 2 beautiful blue Pacific Parrotlets, Friday & Miracle. The cage is covered up now as it is every evening so the birds can sleep with the TV & light on in here. I also notice how good the new curtains look in here. The ceiling is white, the walls a pale blue, I have 3 plants (green of course) in here near the window. The curtains are white with blue & pale purple flowers and green leaves. I would show you a photo if I could, though my camera died earlier today so the batteries are currently in the charger getting re-energized. I wish it was that easy for me, haha. I also see, below the window, the china cabinet I moved from the living room. I tried to give it away, but no one wanted it, though it is not a bad piece of furniture. On it sits 2 large Dieffenbachia plants and a ghetto blaster (only the cassette player works now) on top of which is a beautiful candle set I was given for Christmas (wooden holder with several small candles and rocks). Beside the china cabinet is a wooden 'TV' table with a bunch of books, the 3rd plant, a ceramic owl & a cast iron pig with wings as well as some magazines. On the other side of the bed, beside the vanity, is an old telephone bench with a bunch of stuff on it including the alarm clock. At the foot of the bed is the high boy dresser, 4 drawers, and the TV on top of that. There is also another antique dresser in here and a bunch of other stuff that needs to be sorted & gotten rid of. My spinning wheel is in here too. What won't you find in my bedroom?? Well, one thing you won't find here is diet pills with ephedra, among a few other things.

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