Sunday, January 10, 2010

More B-day

Friday was my actual birthday. I received many greetings & good wishes on Facebook, a couple phone calls, a couple emails (thank you Quilly for the email greeting), a few nice cards. I spent the day at home, mostly in bed with my laptop playing games like PathWords & MahJongg. Just felt like being lazy & taking it easy, so why not. I text messaged Wendy & asked if she wanted to go out so we went to the ANAF for the evening. Not the great time we usually have there. I was very low energy & just not my usual peppy self & it was a different clientele than is usually in there, we knew very few of them and there were not many people there. The music was good though, live, and I got to dance a few dances so this was a good thing. I was glad to come home early & go to bed. I hope some of those people were taking taxis or had a sober driver as not even high risk auto insurance would help them when driving drunk. I stick out like a sore thumb with my tea.

Today was a better day again, my energy was up. I went to the Centre for Spiritual living for awhile. Today was our Open House so people could come & take free mini workshops to see what it is we do there. One workshop was Finding Your Inner Voice, a singing workshop. I took that and fully enjoyed it. Afterward, a few of us went to the Lodge for a nice lunch. Linda, Tjana, Bev, a friend of Bev's who's name I can't think of just now, & myself. Linda bought my lunch as a gift to me & they all stood & sang Happy Birthday to me. I felt very special.

When we left there, I went to the dog park with Reba and we had a nice walk. I'll leave the details to her as I know she will want to tell you about it. It felt good. I haven't gone walking for awhile now due to very cold weather and to a lot of ice. With my back I have some fear of falling so avoid the risks as much as possible. Today was a nice day and a good walk.

This evening I watched a movie Dan gave me on DVD. Hidalgo. Being a horse lover I wanted to see this movie. It was pretty good. Not the best ever, but good anyway. Viggo Mortensen is always hot. :o) Then as I was getting ready to come to bed & watch Criminal Minds, the phone rang, it was Roger so I talked to him instead of watching TV. Now, while doing my blogging, I've been emailing back & forth with Mark.


quilly said...

Alice, I am sorry your birthday wasn't all fireworks and excitement, but I am glad it wasn't a bad day, either.

clairesgarden said...

happy birthday!!

Thom said...

HBD again...Love is in the air LOL :)

maryt/theteach said...

A Big HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Alice! Saw your b-day mentioned on Thom's blog and I remember I haven't been by to visit you in a long time! So here I am wishing you a wonderful b-day! :)