Wednesday, January 13, 2010


In a comment on my post What Is Above Your Bed???, Dr. John said: I don't have the time right now. I am trying to figure out how to handle spam. Spam! You know comments from people who want you to do something but don't bother to comment on the content of your blog. I find that so rude.

I so agree with Dr. J about it being RUDE! to say the least.

I wonder about the intelligence of some of these people. Do they really think they we're stupid enough to think they're fooling us? They post comments that they think we will let through. Knowing that I moderate the comments on my blogs, that I check them out before they get posted or rejected, these people still waste their time posting things here. Some of them copy parts of what I posted.... some copy comments other people have left... then they paste it into my comments. Some paste generic comments and think I am stupid enough to think it's genuine... stupid people think others are stupid too. Sad.

Here is an example: Thanks for the informative information - I enjoyed reading it! I always enjoy this blog. :) Cheers, (and I removed the rest of the address as well as the link to this web site). This was left on Meet Trike, on old post. That's another sign that it's probably a spam comment... they are usually, or very often, done on old posts. I guess they think if it's on an old post the blogger won't even notice it's there. Guess again folks!!

On Reba's Run I not only moderate the comments, I also have put Word Verification on and still I get spammers leaving their crap... tho not as much, it has cut down on them a lot. Unfortunately, it may also have cut down on good visitors leaving comments.

Spammers are RUDE!
Spammers give the internet a BAD TASTE!!!

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Thom said...

Sera are crap. Wotdpress use akismet and I get very few spam on my posts. It puts it in a spam folder. It's great