Tuesday, November 03, 2009

Meet Trike!!

Every day I write posts for you to read.... and they are all done in my head. When it comes to actually typing them out and posting them to my blog it seems to not be happening as often as I would like it to. You are in my heart & in my mind, my dear friends. I have not forgotten you, nor will I.

Something that is happening that I am totally 'stoked' about is... I am going to be riding my own trike (3 wheeled motorcycle) next spring. My friend Tug/Tuggy is going to build it for me. How cool is that!! Well... okay, not 100% sure yet. First he has to work on the engine to get it running and make sure it's a good one, or he will not agree to build it for me. He is an honest man and a good friend and I totally appreciate this. It's a 1975 Honda 750 that has been previously converted into a trike, though is what they call a Basket Case. A really good feature is it has independent suspension and air shocks, so will be a nice, smooth, comfortable ride. I've ridden the back of many bikes, & 1 trike. If, with the disabilities I live with, I am physically able to drive a bike at all, it will be this one. I am gambling that I will be able to.

Over to course of the winter it will be totally transformed... and I will be faithfully making payments to Tug until it is paid in full, whenever that may be. It will be ready for the road by riding weather in spring and I will be hitting the road to ride with friends. The thing that makes us like money so much is that it represents freedom. Well, Trike (I've decided to call him Trike for now, rather than 'my' or 'the', just for ease of telling the stories) will also mean some more freedom for me. I love being 'in the wind' as a passenger & now will not have to wait and hope that someone will 'pack me' on a ride. I don't have to hear the bikes fly past my place and wish.... I don't have to wish I could go 'riding with the girls' on the many summer runs they take, or on the 'Kootenay Run' where many make a big circle through the Kootenay region of BC, camping and soaking in hot springs as they go. I will be able to go too. I also can see where I will be able to take a run to the coast and visit my cousins Deneen & Delaine and I am so much wanting to do that. It will cost a fraction of the price for gas to run Trike than it does to run the truck (Vaquero is his name, by the way), so I will have the freedom to be out and about a lot more during 'riding weather'. Many 'Mental Health Days' to come, lol.

Admittedly, at this time it is mostly just dreaming... though I can see it coming to pass, coming true, in 2010.

Here are the Before pics of My Trike:

Before Tug took me to the shop to show me the bike on Friday, he showed me before & after photos of trikes he'd built before. I started to see a pattern forming and 'knew' he was preparing me so as not to scare me off when I saw it for the first time. I knew it was not going to be pretty. Tug also showed me some of the trophies he's won at bike shows for the bikes/trikes he's built in the past.

This is what I first saw.
See, not pretty. The tank, seat, trunk are just sitting on the frame to give an idea of what it looks like together. All will be different when it is done. I had also already seen a seat in a magazine that he wants to put on Trike. I was able to sit on it like this and see that it will be a perfect fit for my short legs, lol. Note the front disc brake and the Baby Moon hubcaps on the back. Too cool. They're staying.

We took the tank, seat & trunk off and this is what it looks like:

Where you see white (paper towel stuffed in holes) is where the fuel lines and such belong and will be again. All of that and the plugs, electrical wires, etc. all have to be put back before it can be run to make sure if the motor is good. Lots of work to be done. Will keep Tuggy busy during the cold days of winter.

I am so looking forward to showing you the 'during' and 'after' shots of Trike.


quilly said...

Room for Reba? How will she feel about wearing a doggy helmet? Are you going to get her a leather jacket and a tattoo?

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Quilly, thanks for your questions. I've been telling Tug that I want to take Reba with me. He thinks she's too big but I think it's not impossible, lol. Thing is, she'll be about 11 1/2 human years of age by then (about 80 dog years) and has never been in a cage which she'd have to be in to ride with me, so not sure how she'd like that. I want to be sure I've had lots of experience with riding before I take her to be sure of safety. I don't know about a helmet, but she would have Doggles... and as for the tattoo, she already has one!!