Thursday, January 21, 2010

January 20, 2010

Today was a good day, as usual. I went to town to the gynecologist, as I mentioned in a previous post, then to the Centre for Spiritual Living and did my usual Wednesday volunteer work creating & printing the programs for Sunday. Lorraine joined me as she usually does, and put all the programs together. We then went and got a few groceries & I drove her home. I had planned to go walk Reba at the Dog Park today, though by the time I did these other things I was in so much pain I couldn't face a walk. The last few days the fibromyalgia has been in flair up mode and this can really hurt. I do my best to just live with it and not take anything for it, though today I came home & took 2 Alieve pills, then off to bed to nap while they kicked in. Wendy phoned to wake me up in time to go join her & Nancy at the ANAF club for our usual Wednesday evening outing which was fun as usual.

Yesterday, Jan. 19, I went to town to Aqua Therapy, then soaked in the hot tub... ahhh, felt heavenly. In the evening I went to Toastmasters where I gave the Inspiration as well as performed a Speech. I had writer's block all week and only was able to write the speech yesterday, printing it off on my computer just in time to dash out the door to the meeting, so I didn't get to practice it at all. I know I could have done a LOT better if I had had more time to work on it. I have done this kind of thing way too many times, just 'winging it'. Yes, I do get good evaluations as I am pretty much the only one that knows I could do better & I do always meet the objectives of the project I am working on from the manuals, and yes I do want to do a better job than I have been. I have signed up to do another speech in about 3 weeks, or was that 4? Anyway, I plan to start work on it right away.... or at least very soon.

I need to take time to write out some goals for TOPS & my weight loss program as well as for my life over the next year or two. I want to clean up my home, inside and out. I never seem to have enough time to do all the things I want to do and I want to change that. I used to do a lot of native style bead work as well as spinning & weaving and haven't done any of this in 3 years and more. I think my life has a lot of stress in it. I've heard that stress is what causes hair loss and over the years I have lost a fair bit of my hair. My sister who is a Realtor has lost even more than I have. I want to reduce the stress in my life, even if it's "good stress" and I want to take more time to do things that will help me be more healthy. Yup, time for a "Life Make Over".

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