Monday, January 25, 2010

Great News!!!

Three Word Thursday Returns!

Posted By Quilly on January 20, 2010

Your next 3WT is due January 28th. The wonderful words were provided by our own, wordful Dr. John.

scaevity n 1623 -1658
unluckiness; left-handedness

She attributed her failure to evil forces, but her family felt it was a matter of scaevity.

gnathonize v 1619 -1727
to flatter
I can tell that you’re just trying to gnathonize me, you sycophantic buffoon!

roblet v 1674 -1755
to lead astray
He roblets his intended victims in the old part of the city before mugging them.

I copied the above from Quilly's blog... had to share the good news as well as bring the words into 'my world' to work on them for Thursday.


Thom said...

See ya there :)

quilly said...

Those are on my "to do" list, too!