Monday, January 25, 2010

Trike News Update

When I got home a few hours ago, I listened to my answering machine and found a rather disturbing message there. It was the welder who is working on my trike. He did not say who it was though I did recognize the voice and to be sure I checked my 'call display' and saw that indeed he had called here. The message was something about I am now paying double. I have no idea what this is about, though it does not sound good. I hired Tuggy to convert my bike into a trike, he hired Ron to do the welding part of the job... now Ron calls to say I'm not paying double. Did he & Tuggy have an argument and I'm getting stiffed because of it? Sounds like a good possibility that this is what is afoot. I do know that Tuggy was not happy with what Ron was doing as Tuggy designed the unit & told Ron what he wanted done, then Ron went ahead and did it differently than what he was told to do.

I sent Tuggy and email as it was too late to call. I told him of the message & requested (or was that more like demanded) that he call me in the morning.

At first I went automatically to thinking 'bad' thoughts about Ron... and now I have changed that and choose to think 'good' and 'nice' thoughts about him, to send him Love. This, I believe, is the way to resolve conflict and to have this turn out in my favor. If/when you read this, please know that all is resolved with love & joy, all works out the way I desire it to. Visualize me riding my trike and smiling big.

Now I lay my head upon my pillow... and go into dreamland.

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Thom said...

I hope it all works out for the best. Keep thinking positive thoughts :)