Tuesday, December 29, 2009

Trike News Update

Tuggy has been keeping me 'in the know' about how things are coming along with my bike to trike conversion. It is still in the planning stages at this point, though much progress has been made in this area. He, with the help of friends of his that are knowledgeable about motorcycles &/or welding and fabricating, has been working at creating a new & better type of trike conversion than he has used in the past. This one will be a bolt on type where the bike will not be altered at all. Once the trike part is manufactured, it will be as simple as removing the back wheel of the bike & bolting on the trike. If at some point down the road I no longer want to have it as a trike, or if I want a larger, more powerful ride, this can be easily put back to a 2 wheeled bike and with very few modifications the trike section can be bolted to a different bike and I'm on a 3 wheeler again.

The planning stage is pretty much done now, most of the parts are bought, the next thing is to purchase the supplies the welder/fabricator will need to do the work. This will be the most costly part of it all, I'm sure. It's also a most exciting part.

Over lunch recently, Tuggy & I were talking & I said I feel I should learn some basic 'wrenching' for my 'ride'. This is so that I can do basic upkeep on it as well as, if I break down somewhere along the road I can do my own basic repair work. Tuggy said he'll give me names & numbers of people he knows that, if I ever break down while riding in the Kootenay region of our province, I can give a call & they will come help me. I think he even said he had some friends like this in other areas where I might be too. I think that's awesome that people would come rescue a broken down rider like this. I know Gord did this kind of thing many times when he was still on Earth. This is what we call Good Samaritans. I guess I could call this my good sam mechanical breakdown insurance. Haha. Riding with other people, on the back of their bikes over the years, I always liked the way most 'bikers' or 'motorcycle enthusiasts' wave to each other as they meet along the highways. It's a 'brotherhood' of sorts.... a brother/sisterhood I am so happy to be joining.


Thom said...

I could never learn to be my own mechanic and do what you do. I admire you for doing all of this :) Glad your going to enjoy joining the brotherhood/sisterhood :)

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Thom... thanks much, my friend!! I believe you could do these things if they were something you chose to do, tho first they must interest you, lol. Like with cooking. I know I could cook if I was interested in doing so, just not something that 'floats my boat'. I'd rather 'pull wrenches'.