Tuesday, December 29, 2009


Hello my friends. Sorry I've been absent so long, life has been hectic this Holiday Season as well as I've not had a lot to say. While driving my truck down the road I 'write' a post to you in my head, then when I get home to my computer I have totally forgotten what I wanted to say and I don't even want to write. This is very upsetting for a writer as I'm sure you can imagine. Also, I've been feeling very tired so not into the computer stuff too much.

Enough of that.... lets move on to happier stuff!!!

Was Santa good to you this year?? Sure was to me. I got some great gifts. Oh, maybe I could have asked for a nordictrack incline trainer to get some exercise, but I knew no one would get it for me anyway, not even Mr. Claus himself. In fact, I didn't actually ask for anything from anyone.

Between the Toastmasters Christmas Party & gift exchange, the TOPS Christmas party with gift exchange, the gal friends gift exchange with Pat, DJ, Pauline & I and the family, as well as Tuggy I was very blessed & prospered. I was going to show you what I gave everyone this year and can't seem to find them on this computer. I guess they're on the other one and on my flash drive, so will show you another time. What I will show you is on of the gifts I got.

This beautiful piece of art was done by Tuggy. I took a photo that I'd taken when on the memorial ride with him, on the back of his Harley trike, and a poem I had written 10 days before Christmas, then with Photoshop I put them together and got it printed out 8x10, then matted it. I know he was very happy with it and the friend of his that was along when I gave it to him was very impressed. I am very happy with this:

Mewsic didn't want to move so I could take a photo of this, so I took some of her while I was at it, lol. I went to hang the picture and the thing where the wire goes through bent so won't hold the picture up. It came to me in the frame so I don't want to change it, so will have to think of some other way to safely display it.


CrAzY Working Mom said...

It looks like a beautiful time was had by all. :)

Happy new year, my friend!

quilly said...

I like that duck drawing. It looks like it's been influenced a little by the art work of the Pacific Northwest Native Peoples.

Naat said...

Hi guys.......

This Chris's was very gorgeous and marvelous for me.I enjoyed a lot and hope Santa will bring more happiness in all of my friends life this year.Thanks.........

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Hey 'Crazy', great to see you!! Yes, good times by all. Thanks for dropping by.

Quilly... yes, totally. Tuggy (the artist) is from Alert Bay, BC.

Naat - I 'know' this year is the Best Ever!! Thanks for dropping by.

Anon - Thanks much. As we grow and evolve so does the work we do. I expect my blog to get even better. Hope you come back for more visits... and maybe even identify yourself!!

Love & Hugs to all!!