Thursday, December 03, 2009

People Watching

Today I was in town & picked up Lorraine to take her to the Centre with me so she could help with putting together the programs for Sunday. She usually gets herself there, though with this cold weather I decided to give her a ride. She wanted to stop at Safeway to get a coffee from the Starbucks inside, so I waited in the truck while she went in. I was watching people come and go. One was a man pulling a suitcase on wheels behind him, I had to wonder if he was homeless and that was his only belongings. I also noticed 2 women that were wearing shorter dresses & panty hose, at least one had boots but the first one I saw wore high heals, carried 2 bags of groceries & walked down the street. The second one may have had a car, I didn't see exactly where she went. People looking fairly comfortable while others were bundled up, looking cold on this coldest day we've had in 9 months or more.

When people watching, you can come up with interesting stories about their lives, or you can come up with all sorts of questions you could ask them if you ever were to talk to them.
- What's in the bag?
- Do you eat meat?
- Do you smoke cigarettes?
- Do you take weight loss supplements?
- Do you eat health foods?
- Are you married?
- Do you have any children?
- What are your plans for Christmas?

Yes, while you wait for someone, sitting there in the warmth & comfort of your vehicle, people watching can be an interesting pass time.

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Thom said...

There is nothing better than to sit and watch people. I love it :)