Wednesday, December 02, 2009

December 1st

Read until about 4:30am, just couldn't put my book down (Pay It Forward) until I couldn't keep my eyes open any longer. At about 1/4 to 10 this morning the phone woke me up. Okay, after I talked a bit I was awake and decided that I would get up to take the covers off the bird cages, then come back to bed. I never made it back to bed until now. (Well, almost now... I was over on FaceBook). I made myself some porridge, fed Reba & Mewsic & all the birds. After some computer stuff and throwing in a load of laundry, and talking on the phone to Tuggy & a few others (phone just didn't want to stop ringing today) & changing my bedding as well as raising the head of the bed 4", I phoned a motorcycle dealer in Williams Lake to order a swing arm for my Yamahaha 650 Maxim. Tuggy needs to extend it to be long enough for using on my trike... he doesn't want to use the one that came on the bike as he wants to save all the parts so it can be put back to a 2 wheeler some day if I ever decide I want to sell it and get a bigger bike to put the back wheels on. At first there was no answer when I phoned there, so I thought they were out for lunch. Turns out they're closed for the winter and it's just by what people call luck that he came in to do something and I phoned just then. Good thing or I'd be up that creek without a paddle. By then I had to rush to the pool for Aqua Therapy. Sure was glad I went.

After therapy then sitting in the hot tub awhile, I showered & dressed, blow dried my hair before heading out into the cold, then out to the truck to go shopping. I went to Dollarama to get some light bulbs as some of mine burned out and I was needing to replace them. Then to Superstore to get milk, bathroom tissue, a can of garbanzo beans (chick peas) & a loaf of bread. Now home.

Tonight was Toastmasters, so after a short time at home I was off again. It was a great evening, I was one of the speech evaluators. I found out tonight that I am giving a speech next Tuesday, so guess I better get to work on it.

Due to acid reflux, I had to have the head of my bed raised 6" and after a fairly long time of this I decided (when I moved my bed into a different room a couple weeks ago) to put it back down and give it a try. You see, with it that high I always slide down it when sleeping. I'll start out with my head close to the head board, then wake up 3 feet away from the headboard & my feet hanging over the foot board. Well, it was really nice having it down, but the last few days I've been having the mega chest pains, along with a couple other signs, that tell me the acid reflux is getting bad again. I took Himalayan Cristal Salt and that settled it down nicely, though figure I better raise the head of the bed again. So, I am trying it at 4" even though the Dr. says 6". If this doesn't work I can/will raise it the extra 2", but maybe this will work while being less of a grade will help me to stay on the silly thing.

Tonight I am having trouble staying awake, so think I'll go now. I brought the laptop to bed with me so the living room is dark & quiet and the birds can get a good nights sleep. Reba is outside so Mewsic is curled up in bed with me. I really wish she would spend the night with me like this, though I know when I go to let Reba in Mewsic will run & hide from the dog.

Dang it 's hard to believe it's already December... and the 1st is now behind us. It was a very clear, sunny, blue sky kind of day today with the coldest temps we've had so far this fall. Not sure what they got to, but when I went out around noonish to get a bag of pellets for the stove, it was +2 Celsius and I don't think it got much if any higher. This week is supposed to be sunny and cold. Oh well, I can always dress for the cold, I just want the sunshine!!

Well, 'night' for now my friends. See you soon.


Letterhead Printing | said...

I can't believe that it's the last month of the year also. Let's welcome the next year with a blast. Thank you for this very nice post. It was fun reading this.

quilly said...

Alice, I have acid reflux and can sleep with my bed flat. First off, I don't eat anything within 4 hours of going to bed. Second, don't over eat. Avoid caffeine and citrus in the afternoon.

Third, if you have it in Canada, get Gaviscon. It works miracles. Take it like you would a heartburn reliever. Not everyday, just when you need it. Amazing stuff.

Thom said...

I take a prescription for acid reflux. There is nothing worse. My friend sleeps with her bed uplifted for that. I would slide off. Hope you got a good nights rest :)