Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Wednesday November 18

It was a beautiful, sunshiny day today!! I love the days when the sun wins out over clouds and I get to revel in the glory of the bright blue sky.

I didn't feel like going to the Centre to do my volunteer work today, so went to town later than usual on Wednesdays. I went to my 3 month check up (diabetes). The Dr. & health nurse were both thrilled with my check up again. My blood sugar levels were fairly high when I was diagnosed with Type 2 in February 2009. I thought they were 13, though Della, the nurse, has 11.4 on her chart, though she said it might have been higher before she came onto my case, but I think I've only had 2 more of these 3 month A1C blood tests... anyway, the last 2 have been 6.3 and anything under 7 is good. Since I joined TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) in January, I've dropped 17.5 pounds, so this is very much in my favor for my health. Dr. P. & Della are concerned about my cholesterol and he wanted to put me on meds... I said 'no', so I've been doing it with watching what I eat and being more active. Now, the "bad" is down... a bit, the "good" is up... a bit, and the risk ratio is looking somewhat better... still have to work on this though. My Blood Pressure is also down, from 130/80 to 118/70, so this is a great thing. Every time I've been in for these visits, they've been really happy with what I'm doing as I've been constantly improving. Amazing what a little education and some motivation can do. Not only am I looking better, I'm healthier too.

I also went to my Chiropractor today for a treatment. He was happy when I told him how my check up went... and with how my adjustment went. Now, if all goes well, I won't have to go in for about another 5 weeks, which I will stretch a bit so I don't go in again until early next year, haha.

I went to the Centre after that and worked on the programs for Sunday. Lorraine is away for a few days, so I didn't have to go early today as I usually do. However, this means I do the whole job by myself. I got them printed and cut, except for the prayer/treatment which I was having problems with as it's done in CorelDRAW which wasn't cooperating at all today... and I had forgotten to take something to eat with me, so was rather hungry and felt my blood sugar dropping to where I was starting to get shaky and I know this is dangerous... so I left Rev. Dale a note and left, bringing the programs home to assemble here. I will have to put the prayer/treatment sheets in later as well as envelopes as I didn't have enough of them ready and I didn't want to print out sheets of labels to bring home... I needed food NOW!!

I drove to the nearest place I could get food... Little Ceasars, and got a ready made medium Hawaiian Pizza (ham & pineapple). I love pizza, though don't eat it anymore as a rule, because I know it's high fat, high calories... not good for my cholesterol or my weight loss goals. However, today it was more important to balance the blood sugars than to worry about these other things. I soon felt much better... and I learned a lesson. I MUST be more careful to take along something to eat to keep things in balance properly.

The last few nights I've been up very late... 5am, 3am, hours like that. Tonight I am going to bed early... very soon in fact. I have to be up early to go to TOPS and to visit Mom. I'm not sure how soon I'll get to sleep being used to being up late, though I know it will be much sooner if I'm laying there reading than it will be if I'm sitting here working/playing on the computer.

I am grateful for the education & the support I have and am being given in regards to my health
I am grateful my health is so markedly improving
I am grateful for the joy I feel in my life. It hasn't always been like this, and being filled with joy sure beats being in deep depressions.
I am grateful for all the Centre for Spiritual Living has done for me, helping me to see my value and to find my joy. Yes, I did the work... and I would not have known the work to do without this help.
I am grateful for the awesome books I have been blessed to have in my life, filled with wonderful information that has also helped me to find love & joy in myself.
I am grateful for the support I get here, from all of you that visit me and leave me comments.

It was very windy last night, calm today, and now the wind is back again. Last night it blew the clouds away so we could have this sunny day, if the forecast is correct this wind will be blowing the clouds back again.


quilly said...

Do you know which one pizza is almost impossible to find in Hawaii? Yep, Hawaiian Pizza. Folks here actually prefer Portuguese Sausage Pizza.

quilly said...

Oh -- or pepperoni.

Thom said...

Great list my friend. I'm glad your health is imporving. :) You sure do stay up late I'd be dead to the world then LOL :)