Wednesday, November 18, 2009

Tuesday November 17th

Today I read the speech I had written yesterday, working at memorizing the beginning and getting at least some of the body of it into my head. I re-wrote bits of it, as usual, making it a better speech. Wishing I had more time to work on the speech and do house cleaning, I went off to town to my Aqua Therapy group. I really enjoy doing this and my goal is to get there more often... 2 to 3 times a week, and on time. So far I have really been hit & miss, always seem to be too busy with other things and don't quite get there. Now, with outside things almost done and snow soon to start covering the ground, I hope to have more time. I know I have to start putting this type of thing at the top of my To Do List, not somewhere in the lower half.

I had planned to get the photos printed to take to Toastmasters this evening (see last post), and realized I had forgotten to put them onto the flash drive & take them along, so I had to drive out to my place and do this, then drive back into town to get them printed at WalMart, then drive out to the town north of here, to where I go to Toastmasters. I thought I was actually on time, and was surprised to find out I was late & the meeting had just started.

I was the Table Topics Master for the evening and it was about 6pm when I remembered I hadn't prepared the questions for this.... so I quickly came up with some, typed & printed them out, then off I dashed.

The entire evening went very well, a great meeting with 4 guests, including the Area Governor for our Toastmaster area.

I am tired of DW killing plants & throwing their dirt all over the place, so I grabbed her out of a plant today, put her little green parrot butt into her cage & locked the door behind her. She's not happy about being locked in, though she will just have to live with it for now. I am planning to move things around in the near future (as soon as I can fit it in), moving the chinchilla cages away from the window, which includes moving the plants onto something harder for the birds to climb up onto. DW & Paco both like to climb up onto the chin cages & chew on, dig in the plants, though DW is the worst offender. There is dirt all over my living room now & I have to move things to get to it all to clean it up, so it has to wait.

Well, I'm off to bed now. No 3am bedtime for this gal tonight. I have to get up in the morning & into town to do my volunteer work, then an appointment with the health nurse who I see every 3 months in regards to Type 2 diabetes.

I am grateful I am good at throwing speeches together on short notice (just found out Sunday night that I was giving a speech tonight)
I am grateful I am good at throwing speeches together at the last minute when I just don't get it done sooner
I am grateful I had a great story to tell to fulfill a project in my Storyteller manual
I am grateful I had time to run into town again to get the photos developed
I am grateful the questions I needed for Table Topics came to me in time
I am grateful Mewsic is cuddled up with me in my chair
I am grateful I went to Aqua Therapy today
I am grateful I get to go to Aqua Therapy as it's very good for my body
I am grateful the health nurse I see gives me a free pass to the pool so I can swim & take Aqua Therapy
I am grateful to be a Toastmaster, improving not only my speaking skills, but also my listening skills and leadership skills.
I am grateful for the great feedback I got on my speech this evening
I am grateful that the snow that was trying to fall when I leaf Toastmasters didn't succeed.

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"I am grateful that the snow that was trying to fall when I leaf Toastmasters didn't succeed."

Awww...I'm trying to imagine that scene and I think that the feeling is somehow awesome. Thanks so much for this very nice post.