Saturday, November 21, 2009

Friday November 20

Yesterday, Thursday November 19th, was a very long & full day. Having gotten to sleep shortly after 2am, I had to get up before 9am, so got around 6 1/2 hours sleep... max. After feeding birds and doing other morning chores, I got myself ready and off to TOPS in time for the weigh in before the weekly meeting. I 'turtled', in other words, I neither lost nor gained any weight since my last weigh in. Better turtle than gain any day.

After the meeting I stopped at one of the thrift stores and donated a big recycle bag full of clothes and other things. Then went to join the other ladies from our group for our Thursday lunch. Had a bowl of soup, dry multi grain toast, then put some peanut butter & apple jelly on some of the toast. Also had tea.

Next I filled the gas tank of my truck, bought some rabbit feed for my 1 rabbit & 4 chinchillas, then off to the next town to visit Mom. We drove over to yet the next town where we went to Telus Mobility to straighten out problems we were both having with cell phone &/or bills for said phones. Once that was done, we went to Mom's and had dinner. She wanted me to add my older brother's email address to her computer as it's different than what we both had. Apparently he uses his Hotmail more than his Shaw... or at least at the moment as he's currently in Japan. He goes there periodically in regards to his karate stuff. He also goes to Hawaii fairly frequently and will be doing so after Japan. He'll be in Honolulu for more karate stuff, some big wig guy is doing something there. Terry is a 4th Dan Black Belt and a teacher, so still does a lot of training/learning/socializing for all that.

After I left Mom's I went back to the town where I do TOPS & Toastmasters. The hardware store had "Ladies Night" on, lots of goodies and 15% off your purchases, so several of my friends were going to be there. It was kind of fun. I bought 6 shelf brackets, 2 8' long 1x8 boards so I can make shelves in my kitchen, and a horseshoe with 2 horse heads and 3 hooks. I'll put it up in my bedroom to hang stuff on. I already have a horseshoe key hanger, and these are heavier hooks, so will hold some clothes.

I ate way too much of the goodies they had there. I know better, not only because of the weight thing, but also the blood sugars and cholesterol levels. I'm like a drug addict, eat one and can't seem to stop, brain goes into neutral and I just keep stuffing it in. I love sweets way too much. I think I'm going to have to not even have one. I've heard the saying that for an alcoholic, 1 drink is too many and 100 aren't enough. I think it's that way with me and sweets. I don't even want to think about the number of calories and amounts of fats/sugars I ingested. It's enough to know that I really abused my body and therefor myself. I must stop this self abuse!!

So... today I didn't feel good all day. I was so tired I couldn't think straight, my eyelids were badly swollen when I first got up. I ended up going back to bed twice. If it wasn't for the phone I may not have gotten out of bed at all... well, okay, I guess I would have had to or my bladder would have burst. After sleeping much of the day away I do feel much better... now to get back to bed and sleep before the night is half gone... it's already well on it's way... 12:50am. I had a very nice chat on the phone tonight with my friend/hair dresser, Harold, as well as earlier with Tuggy. Ahhhh, it's good to have friends.

Lots of clouds & rain today.... very dark, gray day.

I am grateful to be able to spend the day sleeping when I need to
I am grateful for my bed
I am grateful I'm feeling better
I am grateful for the cold slaw I ate today
I am grateful for wonderful friends
I am grateful that what fell from the sky today does not need to be shoveled
I am grateful I have loads of things to be grateful for and I am grateful I don't have to write them all down just now or I'd be up for many hours yet.

Time to brush teeth, bring Reba in, give chinchillas a treat, feed rabbit and go to bed.


Thom said...

Sometimes we just get carried away and don't think about how much we are eating. I hope you are feeling better soon :)

quilly said...

For me it is easier to say no if I never say yes to any of it.

RickFinney said...

Hi Alice! It seems you really had a busy day or week. I noticed that when you wrote this entry. I'm happy you're life is so productive and you can also have a wonderful rest to top that. Take care! :)