Friday, November 13, 2009

Wandering Down Memory Lane

Recently I moved my bed from the master bedroom in the mobile home to the bedroom in the addition I had built on about 12 years ago. I have lived in this home for 19 years now so it seemed a bit strange at first to be sleeping in this other room. The master bedroom has to be cleaned out and I will then use it for a storage room and possibly keep the chinchillas & rabbit in there for the winter months as it is a much cooler part of the home so will likely be more comfortable for these little fur balls, though they do love being close to me and won't be so much back there as they are in the living room. It will be nice, though, to have a bit more room out here, as well as the mess from the chinchilla cages in the back room instead of in the living room. Tonight I was working in the master bedroom, sorting through things that had been stored under the bed, and came across a few things I hadn't seen in many years. My mind did a bit of a trip back through time, and it occurred to me that over the last 19 years there have been many different people sleeping in that room. I don't mean that there has been a parade of different lovers, though a few for sure. What I mean is that I've gone through many different phases of how and what I am/was. I've been/become many different people over these years as I've grown up and learned to love myself.

I am grateful for my home
I am grateful for my personal growth
I am grateful for my spiritual growth
I am grateful for all the times I used to go out dancing
I am grateful for the experience of my cat having kittens and insisting I stay with her as she did so
I am grateful I got 'stuck' with one of them... Shadow
I am grateful for the 17 years I got to share with Shadow
I am grateful for the wonderful connection I had with D-o-g (my dog who is buried in my Pet Cemetery with Shadow & his mother Smoothedge & my dog Bronx... etc)
I am grateful for my first computer which I got while living here
I am grateful to have spent a summer with the Love of my Life the year I moved in here
I am grateful I was led to the Centre for Positive Living, later renamed the Centre for Spiritual Living... a year after I moved in here
I am grateful for the wonderful Dad I had.... who passed away Jan. 18/99
I am grateful for all the vehicles I've had while living here
I am grateful for the time I shared with Rob... a boyfriend I still think of often and wonder what ever happened to him, where is he now.
I am grateful for the friends I've had over the years I've lived here
I am grateful for the friends I've got now
I am grateful for the friends I've got that I've had since forever
I am grateful to be the person I have become
I am grateful I have found so much love inside myself and realized that I deserve some of that love to stay with me, not just be given away

It's somewhat mind boggling to think of all the people I've been, and all the changes I've made while living right here in this same home... and all the changes this home has undergone as well for that matter.

I am grateful for the addition I had built on
I am grateful for the big roof I had put on over the entire place, mobile & 2 additions
I am grateful for all the insulation I had put up in that roof
I am grateful I had all those non-working crank out mobile home windows removed, replaces with modern vinyl sliders
I am grateful for the carport I had built on at the same time
I am grateful I had the sliding glass door taken out and a proper door put in
I am grateful I was able to up my mortgage to pay for all that work
I am grateful I got laminate flooring last winter & I am grateful Dan installed it for me
I am grateful for the pellet stove I had put in about 3 or 4 years ago
I am grateful for the 'million dollar' view I have from my home
I am grateful I live out in the country, yet only 10 minutes from town
I am grateful I can have animals here (ie... chickens with rooster, rabbits, and if I had a fence, even a horse)
I am grateful I raised show rabbits for several years here, back around the turn of the century... yes, I have lived here since back in the last century and for that matter, since back in the last millennium. How 'weird' is that!!

At one time I was nearly nomadic, never staying in one place long and even moving 13 times one year. When I bought my first home I lived there about 4 1/2 years, then sold it and lived in my van for about 4 months. Basically, I was in hiding from a former boyfriend that didn't want to let me go. Before him I had a boyfriend that became my stocker. I even had a stocker while living here. I am so grateful that it has been many years since I last had that kind of person in my life. Yes, there are some good things to say about getting older, and hopefully wiser... and I am grateful for that.

Now... I know my chinchillas will all be grateful to get a piece of apple, my cat will be grateful to get some canned food, Reba will be grateful to come inside and have a 'cookie'... and I will be grateful to crawl into my bed and go to sleep. Nite nite to you all.

Oh ya.... I filled one recycle bag in that room tonight, found several books that were missing, and found some US money that Mom gave me earlier this year. I made 2 trips to the US since then, wondering what I'd done with that $$... finally I know. :o) More 'exploring' tomorrow. (at 2:34am I guess it's already 'tomorrow').


quilly said...

We all change over time. A couple of the people I used to be really baffle me.

Thom said...

Change is good my friend. Wonderful list as well :) Have a great weekend :)

Finding Pam said...

Well, I could not post on the first post. I don't know here I am.

Nice gratitude list. Are you participating in a Gratitude post?

Anyway, I was just stopping by to say hello.