Thursday, November 12, 2009

Three Word Thursday

The Words:

confabulation: conversation, discussion; constructed memory
pudify: cause to be ashamed
rimestock: an almanac written in runes

"You know, typing becomes a real challenge with you laying on my computer," she told her cat, not for the first time. Confabulation with her animals was a normal part of her everyday life, they were, after all, her family.

She reached to the table beside her chair where her rimstock resided just to the front of a chinchilla cage. She leafed through the book, checking pages bookmarked with bits of papers, brochures, and anything handy when needing to bookmark a page she would want to return to. When she came to a scrap of paper with LSAT prep written on it, she began to scan the page, looking for the specific information she required.

"OUCH!!" she let out as she quickly turned her head to the right, distancing her ear from the parrot on the back of her chair. "Why do you pudify yourself like this?" she queried the beautiful green bird. "But then, you never really are ashamed of your bad behavior are you." She chuckled as she reached up and petted the offender, knowing that the 'love bite' was just a gentle nip compared to what her bird could do. It was just a "pay attention to me" message, often sent... and received in loving understanding.

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Thom said...

I love this. It is so you. I can just picture it. Well done my friend and great use of the words. :)

Dr.John said...

Very good use of Quilly's words in an interesting little story.

Fandango said...

Very well done with Quilly's marvelous words. Except that you have a cat and a parrot but no cute little dragon in the story.

quilly said...

Considering how I feel today, a love bite from a parrot might just result in the parrot being the bookmark for whatever tome I was reading.

anthonynorth said...

Sometimes the important communications don't come thru the computer. nicely done.

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Thom - thanks. Ya, me all right, haha. It's a true story of what was happening at the time, except for the book.

Dr. John - Thank you, glad you enjoyed it.

Fandango - thanks for the visit and comment. The problem is that it's a true story... and I haven't been blessed to have a dragon to share my home/life with... yet.

Quilly - YIKES... you'd even THINK of slamming my darling DW into a book? To use her as a bookmark in some dusty old tome is just... well... unthinkable!! Now, to threaten to turn her into a Parrot Burger during BBQ season is quite acceptable... but a BOOKMARK?!? OMG!!! Get well soon my friend. Sending you 'Chicken Soup vibes'.

Anthony - I'm not sure which important communications you're talking about... and still I thank you for stopping by and leaving your comment.

landscape installation said...

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Los Angeles Printing Service said...

Pudify sounds hilarious for some reason. It is like a mix of pudding and Stupify. I would have thought it is used when you get pudding wrong.

Joan Nieri said...

I am trying to decide what the word "spam" means. I have been called a spammer when my heart was absolutely right with the world and I was attempting to write something honest and positive regarding a post.

To see the moderation sign for me says first and foremost, I am not welcome as a person, and I will have to be judged anew.

It is sort of like walking up to a person and offering one's hand in friendship, and, like Monk, being turned away. Sort of breaks the warmth of the moment.

I had lots of kind feelings when reading about your lovely animals, and then other smileys looking at how the words were used, but that all vanished when, as in women's hockey someone gives me a stiff arm.

I realize why it is done. And, I even realize that it is necessary to weed out whatever.

But, in a conversation, to only have those comments that someone else approves of is a rather harsh curb on actual communication.

The Chinese do that to their people all the time, and we Americans criticize them for it.

Then we establish an even more stringent test of what is acceptable, call it moderation, and feel fine with it.

Not sure I underestand that whole dynamic.


Margo said...

So great, thanks for sharing! I absolutely love learning new words.

Click On Portal said...

I don't make good sentences with words I don't know. "You should be pudify of this." LoL, I think it's just best to use ashamed, also that way ppl won't laf at you. XP