Friday, November 13, 2009

Friday the 13th...

... and the first snow of this winter.

With the first snow of the year the roads are usually very slippery & dangerous, and people don't seem to quite remember how to drive right in it. According to the TV news for our area, this year is no exception to that. There were a lot of crashes out on the highways and byways. I'm kind of glad I decided to stay home and avoid those situations. And yet, I feel like I would feel better if I had gone out. I caught myself feeling lonely and sad tonight... not like me, so likely a sign I need to get out amongst people. 2 days in a row at home alone sometimes works just fine and other times not.

So... what did I accomplish at home today? Absolutely nothing of any real value. Having been awake until about 4:30am I slept until noon. Then I spent most of the rest of the day on the computer... FaceBook, playing FarmVille. Oh, I did visit a few blogs.... And oh ya, I did do something good. I moved Friday & Miracle out of their cage and cleaned it, then moved Tiki & Billy Bob into that cage as it's larger than the one they were in. I then cleaned the smaller cage that Tiki & Billy Bob had been in and put Friday & Miracle into it. It is big enough for a pair of Pacific Parrotlets and has a better set up for attaching the nest box to the outside of it. I'm hoping for 'grand birds'. I had planned to load my utility trailer & make a dump run as well as pick up sand for the return run.... and with the snow that was canceled. For one thing, I don't like using the trailer in the snow, especially getting it back into this yard-on-the-hill, and the sand would be covered in wet snow. Tomorrow is supposed to be sunny and I'm sure most if not all snow will be melted away, so should be a better day for this kind of work. There are so many things I could have done in this house today, so many things I want to do... and they day is over without me doing any of it. I'm not over joyed with myself.

My friend DJ called today and we spent a fair while on the phone. It's nice to have good friends like DJ & her husband Rolland.

I think I'll go to bed now & do some reading so I can hopefully get to sleep early... and then maybe up early and maybe, just maybe do something constructive.

I am grateful I had to option to stay home and off the slippery roads/out of the way of bad drivers today
I am grateful for my pellet stove burning warmly away on a dull, snowy day like today
I am grateful for the company of my animals when I am home alone
I am grateful for hand lotion :o)
I am grateful for my phones (cell, land line and MagicJack through the computer)
I am grateful for the food I eat
I am grateful for the clothes I wear
I am grateful for the remote control so I can mute or shut off the TV whenever it gets to be too much or I don't like the ads.
I am grateful for the friendship with DJ

Smudge is sitting in his cage, on the top shelf, close to this side of the cage... just sitting there watching me. He is so cute!!
I am grateful for my chinchillas, rabbit, dog, cat, and all 9 birds

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Thom said...'ve already had snow? YIKES :) Better you than me :)