Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Trike News Update

Well, I'm not exactly sure what the problem is, but a short call from Tug this morning let me know there is a problem... or problems. He was rather disillusioned with a 'so called friend' who he got the Honda Trike from. However, I had sent him an email last night about my friend Bev's Yamaha 650 that had low mileage on it and was in her carport when it collapsed last winter. She wants to sell it, and isn't asking much at all. Tug said that could be the answer to the problem & wants to see it as soon as possible. Since Bev works, I think Saturday will be the soonest this can be accomplished. I'm hoping she can be home then even, never know with Bev as she, like me, is single and leads an active life style. Tug said he can always take the trike rear end off the Honda & put it onto the Yamaha... so we'll see as things progress. One way or another I will be riding come spring!!

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Thom said...

Motorcycle Mama will be on the loose this spring LOL :)