Wednesday, November 04, 2009

Ho Hum

Today I am at the Centre for Spiritual Living again, minding the store from 11:30am-4:30pm. Rev. Dale & Hannah are in Thailand for a visit with her one son & his family, so some of us are covering the store while he's away. This is week #3 of being here. The day passed so quickly the last 2 weeks and for some reason is going by ever so much slower today. Not sure why, just seems to be dragging compared to the usual flight of time. I wish I had some PayU2Blog assignments to work on so I could be earning money while blogging. I had so many for a bit there and really had to work to get them done... now, nothing. Now I have the time to do lots of them. Sheeeesh. And life goes on, haha. I think I'll go read a book, would be nice if we had comfy chairs in here, and a nice roaring fire. Yup, that would be nice.


quilly said...

Well, since you never did tell me how PayU2Blog works, you could have spent some time writing me that email. ;)

And, if you were in a bookstore, why weren't you reading?

Thom said...

Cant you just start blogging like that again?

Business Cards Printing said...

Hmm... I guess time flies really slowly when you're not too busy or when you're bored with your life. A good book will surely take away the idle feeling. And hopefully, some work for your blog will come along. :D