Saturday, November 07, 2009


Today Tuggy came by & we took my truck out to my friend Bev's place, about an hour drive from here, or close to that long anyway. I was going to take my utility trailer out with us, but we ran into a small problem with that idea so didn't take it. We went to have a look at the Yamaha 650 Maxim motorcycle Bev has and wanted to sell. Tuggy liked the look of it and checked out the motor finding it good. This bike was in Bev's carport when it collapsed under the snow last winter, so there is some superficial damage done, nothing serious though. It's a nice looking bike. We've decided to use this to build my trike rather than the Honda 750 because that has too many parts missing that Tuggy would have to find or I'd have to buy and this Yamahahahaha is complete. I could use it as a 2 wheeler, no problem. It's a bit high for me but not much and could be lowered some. However, I think that with my back it's better if I ride a trike, besides, with the 2 wheeler I can't take Reba along and with a 3 wheeler I can. Also, with a 3 wheeler I can bring home groceries or an 18kg bag of dog food or rabbit/chinchilla food. So from what I can see, there are advantages to a trike for me rather than a bike. I wish I'd taken some photos of the bike, but didn't. However, we will be going out again very soon with the trailer to load and bring back the bike, so will take photos then to show you. Then it will go to the welder's place to be turned into a trike.

After having a good look at the bike, we went inside Bev's home and enjoyed a cup of tea and some cookies. We also had a great visit. Then before we left, Bev asked if I knew how to change ink in a printer. Yup, I do. So I changed the ink cartridge in her printer. Glad I could help. I always really enjoy time spent with Bev... and with Tuggy.

I went into my back room, formerly known as my bedroom, with the intention of starting to clean and organize in there. I didn't stay long. It was very overwhelming, so I came back to the movie I was watching. I know I have to get in there and do the work, so maybe another day really soon. Maybe even tomorrow.


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Nice! I'm familiar with the scene when you want to clean and suddenly felt overwhelmed to decide you'll do it some othe day. Good thing it's just not me.