Friday, November 06, 2009

Love in the Cages

Do you remember Friday? No, not the day of the week... the bird. The very cute little blue Pacific Parrotlet that came to live here with me this past summer. This is a photo of Friday on my laptop. I think he was joining a Bird Dates website. Well, nothing came of that, but I did recently buy him a female who is also blue. I don't have any photos of her yet, but will take some soon to show you. When I got her she had no name, she is just a breeder, not tame, still very beautiful.

For the first week and more, they didn't like each other. I was giving up hope that they would choose to mate. You can't force them, it is up to them if they want to be together or not, no 'arranged marriages' here. I was delighted yesterday when I looked into the cage and saw them sitting together, then the little gal who I have decided to call Miracle, reached over and started to nibble lovingly on his neck. He's still not really sure about all this, though is definitely coming around. Friday and Tiki, a cockatiel, came here together, very bonded with each other. Then I got some more 'tiels and once Tiki met them that was it, every time he was let out to visit me and fly around he'd go to the cage with Billy Bob & Bubba. Now Tiki lives with Billy Bob, Bubba is in his own cage, Angel & Stud Muffin (mated pair) are in a cage in another room, and Friday is sharing his cage with Miracle. I will give them a nest box in a day or two and let Nature take it's course.

I Photo Shopped some pictures together to make a collage. I actually had it printed out along with some others at WalMart one day and it worked quite well. On my head is Friday (Pacific Parrotlet), to his left are Cockatiels Billy Bob (Pied - gray, white, yellow with the orange ear spots) & Angel (white). To the right at the top is DW (green female Indian Ringneck Parrot) under her are Cockatiels Stud Muffin (White Face - gray & white) & Bubba (Pied). The yellow bird on my shoulder is Paco (lutino male Indian Ringneck Parrot) and on my arm with his back to us, is Tiki (White Face Cockatiel)
When I got Tiki I was told "it's a female", then with info from the internet and time with the bird, I decided it was "a male". It is very hard to tell with Cockatiels. Now, with the way Tiki wanted so much to spend time with the 'tiels, and with how happy s/he is living with Billy Bob, I am wondering. I truly don't know what gender this bird is tho I think that with time I will know. Males are noisier than females and trust me, Billy Bob & Bubba are very noisy, where Tiki isn't, and neither is Stud Muffin, so that doesn't tell much after all. There are other 'signs' too, that led me to think Tiki was 'he'... we'll see.

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quilly said...

Maybe Tiki is a little confused about his/her sexual identity, too. ;)