Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Sunday November 8th

Sunday was a full and busy day for me... and a fabulous day at that. First, as with most Sunday mornings, I got up 'early' and went to the Centre for Spiritual Living for Sunday Service. I was doing the Healing Inspiration & Treatment part of the Service (sharing an inspiring reading from any source and a Spiritual Mind Treatment which is a very specific type of prayer). I hadn't prepared, as seems to be too often the case with things of late. Oh well, I can do it 'on the fly'. In my bag I have 2 or 3 books so I took out the one poetry book that my friend Helen gave me recently. I opened it and there was the perfect poem for the occasion, about music and other wonderful things in life. I only had time to read part way through it and saw it would do. I grabbed a Creative Thought magazine and just opened it to the Treatment section and read the one it opened to.Thankfully there were no words I had trouble pronouncing, none made me stumble in my reading. We had a guest speaker, Rev. Raymond Pilon & it was the first time he spoke in our Centre. He & his wife Rev. Blenda have recently moved back to Canada from I believe it's Central America somewhere, and they have visited many Centre's for Spiritual Living. Rev. Raymond expressed how much they love our Centre and how filled with love it is. His talk was about Mystics and was an absolutely fabulous talk. I got a copy of it on CD so I can listen again and share it with friends if they care to listen. We have just started our yearly Membership Drive, I am the Membership Director, so I was happy to accept many renewal memberships as well as several new ones. I invited Rev. Raymond & Rev. Blenda to become members of our Centre, and they were both happy to fill out their forms and become part of our 'family'. We are ever growing.

While at the Centre, I gave my friend Bev some money towards the purchase of her Yamaha 650 Maxim motorcycle... the remainder to be paid at a later date. It's official now, I just bought my first 'bike'.

Reba had waited in the truck for me as she often does on Sunday mornings. It was a lovely fall day, so we went to our favorite dog park to take a walk. It has been awhile since we were last there and I was delighted to see the changes that have taken place. When last there, they had started to build 2 bridges across the creek and no work had been done on them in a fair while, so it was great to see they are now finished. There are also some nice looking wooden fences up now, just enough to guide us on the path they want us to take rather than where we have been walking which apparently is private property. They have also put in a whole new hiking trail which is a good thing now that they've cut us off from so much of where we were walking. If you stay in the field, you are walking more or less level, some little dips and such but no real hills involved. If you go into the woods, along the creek, for the first fair ways you are also more or less on flat ground, until just a ways past the second bridge, then you get into climbing up and down some hills, even a big hill that requires some steps in it, though they are 'killer' big steps for a short person. It was a wonderful walk that Reba & I had, though she didn't seem to have the energy to jump into the truck when we got back. I had to do lots of coaxing. She's too big for me to pick up if she can't/won't jump in herself.

It seems to me there was something else I did that day, though now I don't recall. I do know it was a wonderful day that ended with me relaxed in my favorite recliner chair, watching TV. Desperate Housewives and Brothers & Sisters are my regular Sunday shows to see.

I am grateful for the Centre for Spiritual Living (CSL)
I am grateful for my outgoing personality that allows me to get up before people and do a presentation
I am grateful for my Toastmasters training that helps me to get up before people & do a presentation
I am grateful for the wonderful, inspiring music at the CSL, and for the wonderful talk by Rev. Raymond
I am grateful to be able to buy myself a motorcycle
I am grateful to have a good friend like Bev
I am grateful that Bev trusts me & knows I will pay her the rest of the money
I am grateful for Reba, and that she takes me for walks
I am grateful we have such a wonderful park to walk in
I am grateful that the park has now got the hiking trail for those who want/need more than just walking the circle around a big flat field
I am grateful that when my body is doing well I can walk along the hiking trail, I when not doing to so I can walk in the flat field
I am grateful for the wonderful creek running through the dog park for us & the dogs to enjoy
I am grateful for the really good exercise and fresh air Reba & I got on our walk
I am grateful for my TV
I am grateful for my comfy recliner chair... it even vibrates to massage me & has a heater in it too... and it was given to me free!!!

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finance mba said...

It was a good & full Sunday. It started off, of course, as most of my Sundays do... drag my butt out of bed, get ready & off to the Centre I rush. It was a great service, Rev. Dale spoke much of his & Hannah's trip to Thailand... 3 weeks, just got back. Afterward, there was Birthday cake to celebrate the November birthdays of our members... thanks to Bev for baking such a great cake. Our Board meeting followed that and took up much of the rest of the afternoon.