Wednesday, November 25, 2009

'tis The Season.... for shopping

I must confess that Reba & I didn't get our walk today. The darkness beat us to the Dog Park. It get dark so early now that it can be annoying as all get out. I so look forward to the longer days returning.

Instead of going walking, I went to Liquidation World to check out the "big sale" they have starting tomorrow and found that they don't even have all of the things they are advertising, not all are sent to all stores apparently. They don't have what I wanted, so now I know I don't have to try being at 2 places at the same time tomorrow, so this is good. Unfortunately, my meter ran out before I got back and I got a ticket. :o( I could have used that $5 for something more suitable. Oh well. Then I went to the bank, got some $$ out and went to the Superstore to do some grocery shopping. Just wanted a few things.... ya right. $85.26 later I left the store. Dog food is up in price again, got cat food, cheese, milk, things like that so it doesn't take many items to send the bill through the roof. I don't know what people do when they have 2 or 3 growing kids to feed, the bills must be near $1000 a month just for food alone.

All over the store there are things for Christmas. An artificial christmas treedisplay off all the different trees they want to sell you, a display of lighted reindeer to decorate your yard, the list goes on and on. Today is November 25th... only 30 days left until Christmas. The 'crunch' is on.

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