Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Giving Feels GREAT!

I'm sitting at the Centre for Spiritual Living, having just finished my volunteer job for Wednesday. Sitting in the book store, looking out the window, I see Reba watching me from the back of the truck (head stuck out the canopy window). Across the street is the First Nations Friendship Centre as well as the Downtown Primary Care Centre Medical Clinic. I recently heard that this new clinic is where drug addicts go for their methadone prescriptions. Not exactly a drug rehab, but as close as it gets in our city.

I just finished doing the programs for the Sunday Service. I do the computer work and print them out, then my friend Lorraine cuts & assembles them all. This week I had to print out more covers as well as more sheets of labels for the donation envelopes. I also updated the Membership List as we are currently doing our annual Membership Drive where people renew their membership, or become members for the first time. Since I am the Membership Director on our Board, this is part of that job. Another job I enjoy taking on at this time of the year is adopting a family in need. I contact the Youth & Family Services Society and they hook us up with a family, then we collect non-perishable foods, toys, clothes, whatever will help this family out. We never are told who the family is, just how many, ages, sizes, males/females... that kind of thing. It sure feels awesome to help people that need it. Today I brought some Christmas wrapping paper from home & wrapped a box for people to put their donations into. One lady already brought several food items so the box has already been 'fed', now it's looking pretty too.

Now, before it gets too dark, I'll pack up my laptop, take my tea, & be off to walk with Reba at our favorite Dog Park. See you all later. Have a great day.


Thom said...

Yes giving does feel great. Have a great walk and Happy Thanksgiving however you celebrate to you and your family. Reba too ;)

quilly said...

Giving does feel great!