Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Preparing for Christmas

I think I had better do some preparations for the 'big day'. I think I will put some poetry I've written onto some photos I've taken and get them printed at 8x10, then mat them... or maybe I'll give books this year. Today at the Centre, I bought some new books: Paying It Forward, as well as one on making Veggie Burgers (it's in the other room or would tell the name of it), a deck of "Money & The Law Of Attraction Cards"... as well as paid for a book I got a short time ago, Power vs Force. I do love books, haha. I am thinking of giving copies of Paying It Forward as it's a great story with a lot of meaning. Guess I better decide soon as the books will have to be ordered in/the photos & poems chosen, put together, printed, then put into the mats which have to be chosen & purchased. The books would be easier, though perhaps the photos/poems would be more meaningful.

Gonna make me a list
And I'll check it twice
Who wants Mopar performance parts?
And who wants pet mice?
Should I rush to the store
To get a gift card?
Mom likes baking pies,
I could buy her some lard!
I haven't a clue,
What to give Dan
Hmmmm.... I'll promise a motorcylce ride,
Now, there is a plan!!
For Tuggy there'll be
No silly Yule Log,
But something more 'him',
Maybe to go with his 'Hog'.
I want to give Bev
A nice gift this year,
Just what it shall be
I know will come clear.
Then there's my sisters
What should they get?
Thank God it's November,
And not Christmas yet.
Should I buy for my brothers?
Could something I plot?
The chance they'll give to me
Is pretty much 'not'!!
As I compile my list
I think of who's loving & nice,
My animals will get gifts.
I don't have to think twice!


avagdro said...

Thanks Alice for sharing.Wish you a Happy n Safe Thanksgiving day.

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Thom said...

What a great list. Happy Thanksgiving to you and yours...Have a wonderful day even though you've already had your Thanksgiving :)

arbor kits said...

I am sure you have perfectly prepared your self for christmas, but I wondered to know what Important thing you have already prepared ?