Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Wednesday November 11

Today I really didn't want to get out of bed, I just wanted to roll over & go back to sleep yet again as I had multiple times during the night. Yet, get up I had to do as it was Wednesday and I had to be at the Centre by 11:30am. Okay, so it was later than that when I got there, but everything was closed today with it being Remembrance Day, so no big deal I opened 15 - 20 minutes late. I actually had expected Rev. Dale to be there and he wasn't until later on. Anyway, Lorraine got there just barely before I did & we worked on the Sunday Program as we always do each week. Once it was all done Lorraine left & I stayed to update the Membership List. It is the time of year again when we are doing our annual Membership Drive so this means frequent updates for me to do as Membership Director.

Once I was done at the Centre, I drove Reba (who had been patiently waiting in the truck) up to the Dog Park and we went for a very nice walk. I had planned to hike up the trail again today, though it was a bit late by the time we got there, then Reba was playing with some other dogs and I don't like to stop that, so stood talking to some other people I've met up there before and who owned one of the dogs playing with mine. Eventually we did take our walk though, around the field only and not into the woods as it was getting too dark and a bit cold. I bought myself some Nordic Walking Poles one day a few weeks ago at a thrift shop, got them for $1 so didn't mind having to put 2 screws into each one to set the lengths. They were adjustable poles that no longer can be adjusted, they wouldn't tighten/lock into place, so now the screws keep them in place. Today is the first time I've used them (forgot them in the truck last time we were up there walking). It was good, I kinda like them. I walked faster than I usually do, and got a better cardio work out, though by the time I got back to the truck my low back was hurting, possibly from over work. I think it will get better as I get used to the 'stepped up' work out, though only time will tell... that's one area I have 'challenges'. Over all it was a very nice walk.

I am grateful to have the Sunday programs done again
I am grateful for Lorraine's help with the programs each week
I am grateful to have the Membership List updated, ready for the upcoming board meeting
I am grateful it was nice weather again today
I am grateful we are having such warm weather for this time of year
I am grateful we have such a wonderful off leash dog park to walk in
I am grateful for the gas in my truck's gas tank
I am grateful for the warmth and safety of my home
I am grateful for those of you that visit my blog and leave your wonderful comments

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Thom said...

Some days are just made to stay in bed, or at least made for wanting to stay in bed. :) I love the grateful list :) Have a great Thursday my friend :)