Sunday, November 15, 2009

Sunny Saturday

Today was a beautiful, sunshiny day, all the snow of yesterday was gone except in a few shady spots where the sun forgot to look for it. Dan had said he'd come over today to help me take a trailer load to the dump, and was a no show. He does this fairly often and I find it hard to take. Now it's supposed to snow this week and I wanted to get this done before the snow as I don't want to be pulling a trailer on bad roads, or worse yet, trying to get it back up this driveway in the snow. I wanted to use it one last time and get it put away for the winter. There are some rather large items that I don't want to try loading myself. I guess I should have done so though and made the dump run myself.

I stayed home all day and managed to get a bunch more cleaning/organizing done in the 'old' bedroom. I have some boxes of books and such that were stored under the bed that I just stacked up in a corner for now and will go through them later on. For now I think I have more important work to do in there and moving things from other rooms to store in there. I sure am glad I'm getting this all done. Maybe some day this place will be clean & tidy enough that I can have people over without being embarrassed.

I am grateful Mewsic is laying in my chair with me as I type this
I am grateful to be getting some cleaning done here
I am grateful I took some time to lay on my bed & read today
I am grateful for the nap I had while reading, haha
I am grateful for the kisses from DW (Parrot)
I am grateful it was a sunny day
I am grateful the snow melted away
I am grateful the forecast is for warm weather (maybe snow that is forecast to fall will melt as fast as it falls, or even turn to rain)
I am grateful for the books I'm reading and those I have waiting to be read


Thom said...

Awww sorry that Dan didn't show up. But things will get done. Maybe not when we want them to but they always do. Loved the grateful list especially for a sunny day :) Have a great Sunday and week ahead :)

peppylady (Dora) said...

I really too have trouble when people are a no show. "Please call" if your can't make it.
But it sound like your got something done any way.

Coffee is on.