Monday, November 16, 2009

Sunday November 15th

It was a good & full Sunday. It started off, of course, as most of my Sundays do... drag my butt out of bed, get ready & off to the Centre I rush. It was a great service, Rev. Dale spoke much of his & Hannah's trip to Thailand... 3 weeks, just got back. Afterward, there was Birthday cake to celebrate the November birthdays of our members... thanks to Bev for baking such a great cake. Our Board meeting followed that and took up much of the rest of the afternoon. It was very productive.

I was happy to get outside while there was still daylight left. Reba had been waiting for me in the truck (it's okay, I let her out for a bit before the Board meeting) and we went for a walk at her favorite dog park. With it being late in the day, we didn't take the hiking trail, just went into the woods enough for her to go into the creek for a drink, then back out into the field. We did a full round of the field... there are several choices of distance one can walk and we did the longest while staying in the field. Reba wanted to stay and play some more, but I felt we should go as it was getting dark, windy & cold.

Stopped at Supperstore & got just a few needed groceries.

Came home and watched some TV while relaxing in my chair and working/playing on the

My friend in Washington State, Jerry, called, so I called him back. I have MagicJack, so through my computer I can call anywhere in North America for free, and talk as long as I want. We talked a long time... about 75 minutes, with him on his cell. Ouch, used up a lot of his time. Was nice to talk to him though and he must have been enjoying it or wouldn't have done it.

I am grateful for the Centre for Spiritual Living
I am grateful for the other people I work with on the Board
I am grateful to be a part of the growth of the Centre
I am grateful for daylight
I am grateful for the dog park we get to walk it... so beautiful, enjoyed by many dogs and their people
I am grateful for my dependable, wonderful truck
I am grateful for the food I eat
I am grateful for my home
I am grateful for my computer & the internet
I am grateful for MagicJack
I am grateful to have a friendship with Jerry

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quilly said...

We spent most of Sunday singing praise music to God. I thought I was going to resent spending all afternoon in church, but it was really quite wonderful.