Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Monday November 9th

It was a full day again. Tuggy phoned on Sunday and said he wanted to go get my bike. I'm all for that!! So I was to be ready around 10am. I was ready to go when he got here, except I didn't have the trailer ready to go yet. I was just about to go outside and do that. We hooked the trailer to my truck, just the little utility trailer, made sure lights and such were working and off we went. Drove out to Bev's place, somewhere just under 1 hour drive from my home I'd say, though I didn't time it. Once there we did things like find a board to use as a ramp, push the bike out from where it was stored to the trailer, then load it into the trailer (thankfully there was a guy there looking at some wood in the yard and he helped us to push the bike up the ramp into the trailer). Once in there Tuggy tied it in place safe & secure.

In trailer, on kickstand, about to be tied in:

Ooops :o)
Not to worry... nothing hurt.

Won't fall over now:

As I was saying... tied in safe & secure!!
My Yammi Haha

This is the only time Yammi Haha will be able to ride in this trailer. By the time he has his 'surgery' he'll be too big to fit in this little trailer.

I then drove us back past my place and nearly 1/2 hour more to Tuggy's friend Ron's welding shop where the 3 of us unloaded the bike and it was pushed into the shop. Ron will do the welding to build what is required to turn this bike into a trike. Yes, it will be 'special built' for me and so I can take Reba along with me. "Rotti In The Wind" will be a story to tell, I'm sure. Maybe I'll write a book one day, lol. Anyone have any ideas where to get a helmet for a dog?? I'll have to get her some Doggles to protect her eyes. :o)

Once I got back home & managed to back the trailer into the driveway, I had to get out to lock my hubs in as the truck needs to be in 4 wheel drive, low range to back the trailer up the hill. I applied my safety brake (emergency brake, park break) and BANG!!! then the peddle went right to the floor. Ooops, the brake cable broke!! Not the best thing to have happen when you live on a hill, but oh well, can't use the E break in winter anyways as it can freeze up too easily as I found out before, so will get it fixed in the spring and for now block the wheels when parked on the hill. I then backed it up the hill and around the corner enough so Tuggy & I could push it into its parking spot. Once this was done we said our goodbyes & he got into his car & went on his way.

I had let Reba out of the truck for a pee & when I went to put her back in she didn't want to jump in, so I took her into the house, through to the back door and out into her run. I got into the truck and headed out again. My friend Cyndi had called in the morning, needing a trailer moved from her 'old' place to her 'new' place. On our way to get the bike we drove by and Tuggy figured the ball on my truck would fit the hitch on her trailer & the wire hook-up would match mine, so I'd called her and said I would pull it for her. Well, when we both arrived there I backed up to the trailer with Cyndi guiding me and we were both very disappointed to find that no... the ball & hitch were different sizes. Having to tools to change balls, and no smaller ball to put on anyway, it was a 'no go', a wasted trip all the way into and across town. Oh well, stopped at Cyndi's 'new' place on the way home and we had a really nice visit, so all was not lost.

It was a very full, busy day... and a most joyful, wonderful day too. I had planned to go to the pool for Aqua Therapy... oh well, there's always tomorrow. Aqua Therapy is on Monday, Tuesday & Thursday afternoons as well as 2 mornings. The mornings don't fit my schedule... and too often the afternoons don't either... and I'm usually 'out of town' on Thursdays.

I wrapped up the day in my recliner chair, under my laptop, watching Grey's Anatomy and Private Practice.

I am grateful to count Tuggy amongst my friends
I am grateful Tuggy knows how to build motorcycles/trikes/hot rods and is building me a trike
I am grateful for my truck & for my trailers
I am grateful to have moved my Yammi Haha to Ron's welding shop where it will be transformed
I am grateful to be getting better at backing up trailers
I am grateful there wasn't too much traffic on this nasty road when I had to back the trailer into the yard
I am grateful I have a wooden 4x4 block that works perfectly for putting behind a wheel on my truck when parked on this hill
I am grateful for my friend Cyndi
I am grateful for my recliner chair & for the blanket I sometime cover my legs with while sitting here
I am grateful that my cat Mewsic sometimes curls up in this chair with me when Reba isn't around

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