Wednesday, November 25, 2009

November 24

I had planned to go to my Aqua Therapy class again today, quite looked forward to it even... then Tuggy called and wanted me to drive out to his place. He said he found a rear end for my trike and wanted me to take the money out to give to the guy. I said I could do it later, after my appointment in town, but he wanted me to go right away or it would be too dark to do what we needed to do if I went later. So I went. Dan was here at the time & he drove me out in his little car. Tuggy was outside with my bike running when we got there. It runs really nice. When warmed up it starts really well too, though he said it's a bit difficult when cold, though nothing to worry about. He had it hooked up to his car with jumper cables and said he has a new battery that will fit it, and is saving that for later, for now the old battery with jumpers will do. He told Dan that this bike, now that he's played with it and heard it run, would sell for $1000 to $1500, so I 'stole it'... paid $350. I think I'll have to buy Bev dinner or lunch one time, she's the friend that sold this bike to me. Guess she didn't know what it was worth. When I went to give him the $50 for the rear end, he said no, keep it for now cuz he wants me to give it directly to Gary or Jerry or whatever the guy's name is that we'll get the rear end from in a few days. So now I don't know the real reason he wanted me to make the 1/2 hour or so drive out there. Sheeeesh! Men. I'll never understand them. Haha.

By the time I got back, it was too late to go to Aqua Therapy :o( Not happy about that. So went into town with Dan, he was going to the bank & I went along for the ride. Came home and played on the computer a bit (play PathWords on FaceBook and got a 900 score tonight). At 6:45pm my cell beeped to remind me it was time to go to Toastmasters. YIKES, somehow I had managed to totally forget about that, or that it was Tuesday most likely. So I had to change clothes and head out really fast to drive there and be on time, just 40 minutes later. It was a great evening as it usually is. I gave the Inspiration ( "Limitations are merely opportunities to grow. I use them as stepping-stones to success." - Louise L. Hay) and evaluated a speech (involving organizing a panel of speakers) on protecting yourself from H1N1, one panelist talked about the flu shots and the other one talked about the holistic alternatives. Unfortunately, the third panelist was ill so couldn't be there, she has a lot of education in this area and would have spoken about scientific stuff. The other speech tonight was great too, about working as a Boarder Guard between Canada & the US. This gal used to work alone on the Canadian side, though in view of the US Boarder Guard, and was taken hostage at one time. She's a great speaker. (Maybe one time I'll do a speech about pros & cons of self checkout vs going through the regular checkout... and using the barcode scanner).

When I got home, I left all the lights on, working only with the light from the outside light and that from the fire in the pellet stove, I got my computer & a few other things, fed the chinchillas and came to bed. Most nights the birds don't get proper sleep due to me having lights & TV on, even when I cover the cages they seem to be awake too much (I can tell by the noise they make), so I decided to come work in here tonight. One of the many benefits of having a laptop computer.

I am grateful Bev told me she wanted to sell her bike
I am grateful that when I told this to Tuggy he said he wanted to go see it, that it might be better for me than the Honda he had planned to use
I am grateful I got such a good deal on such a good bike
I am grateful I am having it make into a trike and will be able to take Reba with me on it once I learn to ride it well
I am grateful to Dan for driving me out to Tuggy's
I am grateful for Aqua Therapy (even when I miss it)
I am grateful I had my cell phone programed to remind me of Toastmasters. I had nearly taken that off recently as I'm usually on my way long before it goes off
I am grateful I got to Toastmasters on time tonight
I am grateful for the great meeting and enjoyable speeches
I am grateful the snack was mostly healthy food tonight
I am grateful for all the fun & laughter we always having at our Toastmasters club
I am grateful my birds are getting a good nights sleep tonight
I am grateful for the fire burning in my pellet stove
I am grateful I have a laptop computer & wireless internet so I can change rooms with it

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