Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Catch Up

It's been a busy week so far. Not that I really remember just now all of what I did, though there are some things I do remember.

Sunday as always I went to the Centre for Spiritual Living. After that I went to the dog park with Reba. I ended up standing around talking while giving her the chance to play with other dogs. If we had walked it would have been by our selves, so I decided to give her the opportunity to play instead. Just standing around got pretty cold after a bit though, so would prefer to walk next time, and I need exercise so can't just stand there too often. However, I think it was good for Reba and she had a great time.

Monday I was home for the morning, then went to the Rec. Centre to my Aqua Therapy class. I actually rather enjoy this class as it is gentle exercises in the pool and feels good for my body and my mind. Afterward I sit in the hot tub for awhile, then shower & leave. After the pool I went to a dollar store & got some batteries I needed, then met Wendy for tea at McDonalds in WalMart. Long visit. We talked about everything from soup to nuts, including motorcycles (she rides a Harley), renting houses, owning houses, home insurance, jobs, passions in life, etc. etc. etc. She thinks I'd be good working as an operator at an answering service, also that I should do more with my writing & photography skills. So I'm going to look into taking some classes in writing, and apply for a part time job at the answering service in town where Wendy's daughter works.

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