Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Photos from today

Here are some photos I took today on the way home from the airport. If I stopped to photograph every beautiful scene I would still be out there somewhere, okay I wouldn't as it's long since dark, but I would have been stopping every few hundred feet to take more photos. I just stopped once as I had people waiting for me.

Foreground is Kalamalka Lake and in the distance is Wood Lake.

Zoomed in a bit... can you see the thin strip of land between the 2 lakes?
The above photos were looking south, this one is looking north up Kalamalka Lake (a.k.a. Kal Lake)


Quilly said...

Well, your day looked very blue, but I bet with all that gorgeous scenery blue wasn't your mood!

Anonymous said...

What beautiful country that is there. Absolutely fantastic. Did it take your minds off the little brats? LOL Much Aloha :)

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Quilly - The only blue in my day was the sky and the water in the lakes. To get from my home to the airport I actually drive past 4 lakes, though I only showed 2 here.

Thom - Thanks. It is rather pretty here isn't it, lol. Pictures are great yet still never really do it justice it seems. Yes, come to think of it, taking these photos did take my mind off the little brats for awhile. :o)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful scenery!