Wednesday, September 02, 2009

Birds in Flight

Well, the Lovebirds caught their flight in Kelowna today and arrived safely in Terrace this evening. I just got an email confirming their safe arrival:
Hi Alice,
They made it okay. I was just wondering did you keep them in one cage or have them in two? One of them has feathers plucked from the back of his neck and I noticed 2 of them had feathers in their beaks.... hmmmm. He's okay though.

Already I am looking to spend the money I got for these birds, lol. I want to buy breeding Cockatiels of Parrotlets as I love both these breeds. Eventually maybe I can also get a mated pair of Indian Ringnecks, or even just another female who might be more interested in the male I have.

At the airport, I met a fellow who was also shipping birds, his were 3 baby Senegal Parrots, going to Medicine Hat, Alberta. We chatted awhile and I told him I had the Ringnecks and she won't let him near her, she poses all the time for me but won't accept him at all. He suggested that I try separating them, which for me not only means separate cages but separate rooms as they both live free on top of their cages, side by side. Anyway, so he said separate them, then after awhile put her into his cage, into his territory, then maybe he'll be more aggressive. She's always been aggressive and him meek, so I will try what he suggested and hope for the best, lol. It would be 'too cool' to get baby Indian Ringneck Parrots from DW & Paco.

It would seem that in the last year my life has gone to the birds, haha. Wouldn't it be cute to have a Logo flash drive with a bird on it so all the info I take from computer to computer could 'fly' there. Okay, sad, I know. :oP

I'd love to experience raising birds and if I could make enough money to pay for the keep of the birds and maybe even the other 'kids' I'd be more than happy.

Oh ya, the breeder at the airport builds his boxes a bit differently than I built mine and the clerk at the Cargo department said he likes that kind better and gave his reasons why. In future, if I ship more live birds, I will make my box much like his, though I will 'cross breed' it with the one I built as there is a feature of mine that I think better for the birds.

4 beautiful Peach-faced Lovebirds just before they were put into the shipping box for their flight.

The wooden box/shipping crate I built for the birds to travel in.

Oddly enough, I think I kinda miss the little brats, though rather enjoy the quite of the house now.


Anonymous said...

So they are off....well done my friend :)

Alice (in BC Canada) said...

Thanks Thom. It was a very interesting process, how to ship birds, how to exchange money, all that kind of stuff. I learned a lot of interesting things through this venture.