Monday, December 01, 2008

An Explanation... I think.

Thank you to Quilly & Dr. John for their support. I must admit that I am not sure if they meant it to come across as I heard it... it being the 'criticism' about Pasta Productions. I was told ahead that it was not meant to be criticism of me, just suggestions on how it could be done better, and from 2 of the 3 people there with me, I felt it was that... from Dale it didn't come across so much like that as like criticism, and like I said, I chose not to read the letter from Hannah as I suspect it will be rather less than what I would want it to be.

I know that I do sometimes take things too personally, am too sensitive and take things on that are not meant for me. This could be what is happening this time. It also could be that the criticism is real. I really don't know which it is at this point. I do believe the teachings of our spiritual centre, though, this I do know. I also believe that what we put out comes back... hmmmm. And, that people do the best they can. If Rev. Dale, or anyone, is critisizing me, then they are creating less than wonderful things for their own future... and that is their 'stuff'. We do tend, I think, to expect more from a minister than from other people, and likely rightly so. However, they too are still just human, and so still subject to making mistakes in life. Rev. Dale & I do tend to butt heads some... and some of that is my 'stuff', some is his. On so many levels I think he's a self impressed jerk... and on many other levels I think he is wonderful. So go figure.

However, at this point I think I won't plan another Pasta Productions for some time. I think maybe it's time to step back from some of the 'extras' I do in all areas of my life, and spend some time on and with me rather than everything else. I must stop volunteering to do more jobs all over the place .

I hope this all makes some kind of sence. I've had a killer headache all day. Pain pills and a sleep did help a lot, but still not quite up to thinking straight, lol.

Oh, by the way, for my MC job the other night, I wore a long black skirt, a white top much like a tuxedo shirt, and a black jacket (though had to take it off nearly right away as it was just tooo warm), and a red bow tie that I made out of Christmas wire edged ribbon. I know only men usually wear tuxedos, but I wore a version of one that night, and got compliments on how I looked.

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