Saturday, August 30, 2008

New Photo Challenge

Jientje at Heaven In Belgium is hosting the next photo challenge. She has said:

I want to start another challenge this week called "Opening Doors" ...
The only thing I want from you is to post a picture with a door in it.
A door, a gate, ... even a detail of a door.
Old or new, it does not matter, as long as it is a door, right?
It does not HAVE to be a new picture, you can browse in your archives,
anything goes ...
This challenge will start on Monday September first and end next Saturday.
You don't have to join in EVERY day, if you don't feel like it,
I'll install a new Mr Linky every day, which you can sign when you participate.
I'm really looking forward to this ...
If you have any more questions, don't hesitate to ask!

Hey, Jientje, count me in for sure. We'll see whether Reba plays along this time or not, haha. It depends on life. :o)


Jientje said...

Hey!!!! Well that's fantastic!! You promoting MY photo challenge!! It's my first time too, I'm rather curious what will come out of this!!! I'm so excited!!

Carver said...

It's funny because with each of the challenges after Melli's Dragons, I assumed I wouldn't have time to participate. I've spent a little time this weekend looking over my archives and sure enough I have as many door shots as I had with all the rest. There's even more diversity. So looks like I'm on board again.

Thanks again Alice for your fun challenge. I've enjoyed all the posts and Reba certainly rose to the challenge and made it even more interesting. Hope you're have a good weekend.