Saturday, August 30, 2008


While it is now almost 2:30am Saturday, it is still Friday to me. Just want to leave a note before I go to bed, haha.

Today, among other things, I went to town, to Polson Park, and took photos of the 8 bridges there as well as lots of shots of the flowers and other such things there. I took 199 photos in the park in a very short time, then my memory card was full so I couldn't take any more. There were a few more I would have taken otherwise, but not many more.

I rushed home and moved the photos from the memory card to the computer, changed into dry shoes and shirt, and off I went to the IPE (Interior Provincial Exhibition) with my friend Bev. This is the largest agricultural exhibition in the province of BC. I took lots of photos there too, not sure how many I have on the memory card just now, but likely over 150... then the battery died on me. Darn! haha. Guess I better put the camera on the dock to charge over night so I have a fresh battery full for tomorrow. I'll also empty the memory card before I head out. As I was taking all these shots, some people would look at me a bit oddly, and I'd say, "Hey, some people will blog anything." Then laugh. Seemed to make them feel better, hahaha.

I'm supposed to go to Dragon Boat practice in the morning but don't see me getting there. I'd have to be up by 7am and I don't see that happening... sigh. Early afternoon I will go to visit my Mom, then we will go to dinner with the family to celebrate her 85th birthday. Her birthday is August 28, but my one brother didn't arrive until today, and the eldest sister later yesterday... so the dinner was set back to Saturday. I had hoped that all 5 of Mom's kids would make it to this. It would have been the first time we were all together since our cruise to Alaska in May 2005. However, my youngest brother won't be there. He and his family just returned from a trip to Scotland, England & Wales a few days ago, so he has to go back to work rather than travel out here from north of Edmonton Alberta.

I plan to give Mom a magnetic bracelet for her birthday present... and I still haven't made it yet. That will be a major priority tomorrow so I can wrap it up and take it with me when I go visit her.

And on that note... I must feed animals and go to bed.

Soon I will post more of the photos I took in the park... There are some nice ones. It is really rather beautiful there. I wish my yard looked like that, hahaha. Maybe I already fell asleep... I seem to be dreaming.


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