Friday, August 29, 2008

Bridging The Gap - Day 7 & Photo Hunters

I decided to use this post as a Photo Hunter entry today, because the word for today is beautiful. I can't help but think that this park fits that bill to a "T".

Hello, and welcome to Day 7, the last day, of me hosting my first Photo Challenge.
This Photo Challenge is BRIDGING THE GAP.
The idea is to post photos you’ve taken, or you are in, showing a bridge. Tell us something about the bridge, and/or what was happening when you took the photo. Of course, link back here, and leave a message, as well as a link on Mr. Linky, so we can all come have a look at what you've left for us.

Go ahead... think outside the box! I dare ya!

On Day 5, I told you this park has 6 bridges. I lied. Haha. It has 8 bridges.

I went back there today and took 199 photos before my memory card was full. I've picked out several photos of the bridges to share with you tonight.

Here is a 'day light' shot of the same bridge I shared on Day 5. We'll call it #1.

#1 from the other side


Other side of #2

Looking through the bars of #2, back at #1
Looking through the bars of #2 at #3


#3 in foreground & #2 in background










#7 I really like the way this shot turned out. There's only one thing missing. Can you guess what it is?? I think I'm going to 'have' to go back there to do another photo shoot, just to 'right the wrong', haha. Watch for it on Sunday night, I think you'll all enjoy what I have in mind.

My truck, with Reba in it (she can't get out here, it's a No Dogs Allowed park), with bridge #8 in the distance.


I have had sOO mush fun BRIDGING THE GAP!! I hope you have too. I have very much enjoyed everyone's photos, and their view points in some cases, haha. It's been a real pleasure to host this Photo Challenge and therefor get to know so many of you, and enjoy the glimps of the places you live &/or visited on holidays.





quilly said...

Wow! You sure chose to go out on a high note. IT has been fun, Alice. Thanks for coming up with the idea. I had a great time bridge hunting. Now I'm off to find doors for Jientje! We're a busy bunch!

Gorgeous park, incredible bridges and -- hey! Why is Reba stuck in the truck?

Alice said...

Quilly - does that mean you like the post? hahaha. I'm glad you had fun, and I'm glad it has given us the chance to get to know each other a bit better. I am still considering changing this into a once-a-week meme and see how it does in that venue. However, I also have a lot on my plate so not really sure I want to take on something that could become a big and 'forever' thing, haha.

Reba has an idea for another Photo Challenge, and we may go with it for a week or so, but not just yet. For now I have LOTS to do... and doors to find, haha. Yes, we are a busy bunch, that is a fact.

By the way... Did you READ the captions I wrote?? If you did, you know why Reba is stuck in the truck, haha.

Minkydo said...

So many great bridges. Looks like a fun place to be even if the meanies don't allow dog :)

Thanks for hosting! It's been fun.

Gallery said...

Outstanding post. All images are great. I also like the greenery. So it was a beautiful scene. Thanks for sharing this post. Keep it up

Jientje said...

This is outstanding indeed. You must have been so inspired to take so many beautiful shots! I love the one with the pigeons, I love that wild chestnut tree, the weeping willow ...
Even the one with "do not enter", you must have learned this from me huh?
And all your bridges look great!
Hey Alice, I'm a little confused here, is there going to be another one tomorrow? I thought so anyway?
Oh never mind , if there isn't it will be a bonus, I've had so much fun this week!

Carver said...

That is a beautiful park and I enjoyed all the beautiful bridges. I think the covered bridge would have to be my favorite. Thank you so much for this fun challenge. I have enjoyed it so much. I hope you have a great weekend.

Gattina said...

Beautiful pictures !! How sad for Reba that she is not allowed to go in this park ! And you are a bad mom because you went in there !
I also enjoyed the bridges very much although I was lost at the beginning !

Dr.John said...

Wow! A buffet of bridges. I love them all. What a great way to end the week.

Carletta said...

Wow Alice! These are all wonderful bridges and I see why you wish this was your yard and I'd love it too. The place is absolutely beautiful!
Thanks for hosting the challlenge. I wasn't going to so soon after Quilly's reflections but now I am so glad I did. It challenged me and I like that. Guess I'll join in the doors too now - I'm liking the one week challenges.
Have a wonderful time celebrating with your family.

ellen b. said...

Hi Alice,
These shots are beautiful. I don't have a bridge today but I did post a beautiful photo. It's been fun playing the Bridging the Gap challenge. Thanks for the idea and hosting it. Enjoy your week. I'm contemplating doing the new challenge about doors next week....

juliana said...

a great way to combine the challenges, and so many beautiful bridges.

Anonymous said...

You've got a nice little park to walk around in. Very beautiful. Looks like a great park to walk around too bad no dogs allowed. How sad :(

David Leonhardt said...

I like the covered bridge best. A couple weeks ago we drove over (through?) the world's longest covered bridge in Hartland, New Brunswick, but this one looks like it might be the world's shortest!