Saturday, December 01, 2007

Weather Report

These are the temperatures for November 30, according to the

MAX TEMP : -4.2°C

MIN TEMP : -7.1°C

MEAN TEMP : -5.7°C


It was trying to snow most of the day, but only a flake here and a flake there manifested. When I went to town this evening there was a very light snow fall happening off and on, but not amounting to anything serious.

2 of the 3 weather reports I look at online said the high would be -5°C, and the other said -3°C. Guess it was in between, lol. agrees with the above temps for today.

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Travis said...

We had a bit of snow overnight, but it didn't stick late into the morning. It's pretty grey out now and the forecast is for more snow overnight and tomorrow.

The "big" storm is due late Sunday and Monday, but it should only bring tons of rain.

I love winter!