Friday, November 30, 2007

November 30th

That's it... November 2007 is over, done, gone for ever! It's hard to believe that it's already going into December and the year is only 31 days from over. Just 24 days left to get ready for Christmas and I haven't even started.

I did a lot of sleeping again today. I was doing such "healing" again today it was incredible. I finally broke down and took my last 'kick ass' pain killer and went back to bed again to give it time to work... and slept after reading a wee bit.

I went to town this evening to run a few errands. I went to the bulk food store which was closed, obviously doesn't stay open late on Fridays like most stores do. Went to the drug store to pick up the prescription for the pain killers that I'd arranged for over the phone earlier. Then I went to the Centre and printed out a few things for Toastmasters that I'd done on my computer over the last couple days. I got together a few Toastmaster appropriate jokes, some Inspirations and Closing Thoughts, as well as some Grammarian words. Now I will be prepared for possibilities in the future. Next it was to the water depot and refilled my 18.9lt (5 US gallon) water jug with reverse osmosis water. Then I went to the Superstore and got some groceries.

I needed 'makings' to bake a cake for the Centre for Sunday. The first Sunday of each month we have cake to celebrate the birthdays of everyone that month. I hope someone else makes the one for next month as my B'day is in January. If I have to do it again it's going to be chocolate cake with chocolate icing and shaved chocolate on it, hahaha. The one I am doing for December is chocolate cake with gummi worms in it... iced white likely will have coconut on it then I'll add some Christmas ornaments (Santa with a tea light candle in it & 2 reindeer that have small red candles in them). I also have some red & green jelly beans in case I want to add some color somehow. Guess I better take a picture of it when it's done and post it here, lol.

Why is it up to me to do the B'day cakes all the time? I'm the Membership Chairperson and I am the one that initiated Birthday Sunday... so until I can get someone else to volunteer for it, this is the way it shall be. It is never any problem to get people to eat the cake... but to get someone to bake one of them, or to wash the dishes afterwards is another thing all together.

One of my chinchillas got out of it's cage last night. I guess I must not have closed it properly or she couldn't have gotten out. It took me until just a few minutes ago to finally catch her again. I put a dish of Chinchilla Bath Dust (they LOVE their dust baths) under a bird cage with one side up on a paint roller tube and a long string tied to the roller tube. Cherry finally decided to have her bath, I pulled the string and it all seemed to just sit there in mid air for a time without falling as Cherry noticed and went to leave at mach speed. And finally it fell in place and she was trapped!!!

Time now to finish off my evening chores and my computer stuff and be off to my bed. I sure wish I had a nice, comfortable foam mattress on my bed.

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