Saturday, December 01, 2007

December 1

My commitment to NaBloPoMo is over. It was to blog every day of November and I did so... more than one post each day for the most part. Now I don't have to blog if I don't want to, so there. AND... I choose to continue blogging every day, well, I'll do it most days anyway, and on the days I don't, I'll likely do extra the next day. Kind of like this is my Diary or Journal or whatever one wants to call it. A way to keep track of what happens in my life in case one day in the future I want to look back and see. I used to keep this in Daytimer books, but at this time am more likely to do it here, lol.

Today, as planned, my friend Wilson came to visit. We talked about the business he has just gotten involved in and about the product they sell. As I said before, I've heard of the benefits of taking this product from someone that had nothing to sell me, so had nothing to gain by telling anything but the truth. Her friend has had awesome results. Also, Wilson would not BS me over a few bucks. He and I have been very good friends for a very long time. He tells me the arthritis in his hands and shoulder pain he suffers from a lot, have both been getting better. He's not in nearly as much pain and hasn't taken any drugs for the pain in 2 weeks or more. This is claimed to help with Fibromyalgia and Type 2 Diabetes. Also, most people that take it have increased energy. Soooooo.... I signed up with the company and bought some of the product. Today is the first day of my improved life.

On the box of the Intro Pack that I bought, it says:
Experience the difference glutathione can make!
- Dramatically Increases Energy Levels
- Strengthens the Immune System
- Fights Intracellular Inflammation
- Improves Mental Function
- Slows Down the Aging Process
- Improves Athletic Performance

I really, really need increased energy, something that fights inflammation, improved mental function, slowed down aging process. I am so excited about this product.... and about the wonderful business opportunity!!! Wilson's friend that he signed into the business with just made $3,900 in just 3 weeks!!!

I'll tell you more about this later. I will soon have my own web site with this product info on it. Videos to watch and listen to, as well as info to read. As soon as I have that I will post it here so you can all take a look. I've had many opportunities to sell things, but refused them because I do not believe in trying to flog something that doesn't work or that I don't believe in. However, when I hear of something that really does work to help people live a better quality life, I am all for it. This is that product!!! This web site I will have is the best way I can think of to spread the news that will give people the chance to live that better quality life.

After Wilson left I covered all the animal cages with sheets and such; moved my computer and a tape from the VCR, my tea and a couple other things into my bedroom; then I sprayed the house real good with Raid. I've been having a big fly problem lately, not because of the animals, I've had this problem every year since I moved here, even without a bunch of caged animals in here. I am so tired of the darn things and wanted to get rid of them. That should have done the trick... but it didn't.

I planned to spend 4 hours in my bedroom with the door closed. I had lots I could do in there to fill the hours. Then, after only one hour, I head someone knocking on my door. It turned out to be a former brother-in-law who has remained a friend though I ended things with his brother in March 1990. Doug and Don are, thank God, nothing alike, or I would not be friends with him either. So he came by to show me his new dog and have a visit. It was nice to see him, it's been around a year since I last saw him. He was here for quite a long time. When he left I sat down at the computer and POOF up comes a message from Dan... so we talked on MSN for quite some time. At one point he said BRB, so I said "me too" and went to the kitchen to ice and decorate the cake I baked while Don was here. It's for tomorrow's Birthday Sunday at the church.

A tea light candle goes into Santa, and yes, that's a candle in the reindeer. If you click on the pictures you'll get a larger view of them.

I had planned on putting both reindeer onto the cake with Santa, but realized when I got to working on it that only 2 of the 3 ornaments would fit, so decided to still use Santa, but only 1 reindeer.
Would have been nice if the icing was just a bit whiter, but I put coconut on top to help it look like snow. It's a chocolate cake (snow on the earth, haha). I love chocolate anything.

I've been trying to encourage other people to volunteer to do some of the B'day cakes, but so far haven't had too much luck with that. Some months we've ended up with "B'day cookies" because I couldn't fit baking and decorating into my busy schedule and no one else would bother. As I am the Membership Chair, and I started this to encourage people to socialize and enjoy our Centre, I am the one that gets to supply the cakes until I can get someone else to. I have something up my sleeve for the January cake.... my B'day is January 8th (same day as Elvis Presley's was), so I'm going to see to it that it's put to the congregation that I shouldn't have to supply the cake for my own B'day month celebration. That might get the ball rolling. Though I am starting to enjoy decorating the cakes. I used to want to learn to do that but never had anyone to bake for... now's my chance I guess.

I changed the chinchilla litter boxes and cleaned the rabbit's tray beneath the cage.

Well, it's an early morning and a big day, so guess I better get in high gear and off to bed. Just a couple more things to blog and I'm gone.

No! Really!!


Anonymous said...

I smelled cake...came by for a piece...Looks yummy!


clairesgarden said...

I love christmas cake, I love chocolate cake! looks fab!!