Saturday, November 24, 2007


I've been checking out another online dating service. This is a 100% free site. I've seen others that say they are free, and when you get into it you find that signing up and posting your profile is free, then it costs to contact people. Not this one. It actually IS free. There is a forum where you can talk to people, you can write to each other and the notes go to your inbox on site so they don't know your email unless at some point you decide to give it to them. There seem to be a lot of people signed up at this site and you can search in any area or distance from your home that you choose. The only thing I've found that is a drag is that there is hardly any men on there that are from my area and in my age group, and none are men I have anything in common with. Oh well, it looks like a good site, so maybe in time there will be more there for me.

The link(s) in this ad has been removed - March 7, 2009

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