Saturday, November 24, 2007

Rambling again

In order to do a PPP post I have to do a 50 word (minimum) post of my own words before and after the PPP post. It can't have any words copied from someone else's site, has to be 100% mine. I have cut way back on doing PPP ads because of the changes in their TOS and what I feel to be senseless rules that do nothing but make more work for the person trying to make a buck.

I have lately been doing a lot more PayU2Blog posts. With them it is up to me what I put before and after 'the' post, I can do back to back PU2B posts, and it's 'free form' writing. In other words, I don't have to write about the product or service being advertised, just add a link to them somewhere in my post. I do try to make my posts something that 'works with' the topic of the ad, and I usually manage to do it well, tho there have been a few times when I just added the ad link at the end with some words to explain it.

So all this babbling is so that I can do a PPP post as I've run out of PU2B posts until Monday.

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