Saturday, September 15, 2007

Golf Equipment

My family of origin is largely made up of golfers. In fact, I am the only one of 5 adult children that does not golf. Whenever my sister Marcy & her husband go visit sister Anne they take their Golf Equipment and the first thing they do is head to some golf course in the lower mainland. Brother Bernie takes vacations to big name golf courses all over North America. Although brother Terry also golfs, he's not as into it as the others are. I don't see much point in chasing a little white ball around the lawns, but I have heard it is wonderful, so maybe one day I will rent some clubs and go give it a try. I remember back in high school one class was out on the field with the teacher trying to show the class how to golf. The most fun my friend Elaine and I had was seeing if we could walk with golf clubs up the legs of our pants.

(link removed May 10, 2009)

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