Saturday, September 15, 2007

Bed Liners

I think that a truck bed liner is a good thing to have in your truck. These protect the bed from damage caused by anything that you might decide to haul in your truck. In my truck I've hauled a lot of different things like pigs, posts, garbage, boxes for friends that were moving, antique treadle sewing machine, and a lot of other stuff, as well as my dog Reba of course. I'm glad I have a box liner in it that came with the truck when I bought it.

Recently my friend Dan bought a new 2007 Ford Ranger 2 wheel drive pickup, which is mostly Plane Jane basics and not much for extras, but he did go extra and get the bed liner and a tonneau cover to protect it. He refuses to haul things in his truck other than his dry walling tools to and from the job site. To him it's his "car" and not for hauling anything around. It is a very nice truck so I don't blame him for wanting to keep it that way. Some day when I get my new one with lots of extras on it I'm sure I'll be somewhat the same as he is now.

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