Sunday, January 13, 2013


Have you read my post: Smithers Centennial - The Rest of MY Story? After I posted it here, I went to Facebook to the Smithers Centennial page which I had "Liked" earlier in the day.  I posted a link there to the story I had posted here.  Hey, being a 'member' like I am on many other Facebook pages where I clicked "Like", I figured I could do that, and do it I did.  Today I went back to that site and was surprised to find they had removed my post!!! I used no bad language or anything, just stated some facts about my family history in Smithers. I truly thought they would like that.  Guess I was wrong.  So, what did I do?? I UNLIKED SMITHERS CENTENNIAL ON FACEBOOK!!! 

I am very disappointed in the people behind the Facebook site, and am not sure I want to go there this summer after all. I ride with 2 motorcycle clubs and I invited the members of the much larger club to ride with me to Smithers for the August 3 - 10 celebrations.  I am only 1 person who 'unliked' the Facebook site, yet I am one person who has lots of friends that I may choose to ride to a different location during that week. There has been some talk about the Grand Canyon.... that sounds like a really great ride!!

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