Saturday, January 12, 2013

Peace by Harmony

It has come to me that perhaps the fastest way to PEACE is not by looking for PEACE, that it is LIVING IN HARMONY!! World PEACE is a very overwhelming thing to create. In order to have PEACE in the world, each and every person must first have PEACE within their own heart. If you have one grain of anger, hate, frustration, to name just a few, then you do not have total PEACE within you, and we can not experience World PEACE until EVERYONE has only PEACE within them. 

However, even if we still have some of those issues (anger, hate, frustration, envy, etc.) that I know we are all working at removing from our lives, we can still choose to LIVE IN HARMONY with those around us, and choose to not spend time with those that bring out that other stuff. Even if we spend time with them and do not feel totally loving and peaceful towards them, we can still choose to spend the time together HARMONIOUSLY! (For example: some things my mother says to me, so ways she treats me, hurt me... yet I choose to not fight, to just let it go.... to see it as her issues, and to get along rather than argue.... Harmony. There are so many other ways my 89 year old mom is wonderful, so I can choose to focus on them.)

I believe that if I choose to live in HARMONY with someone I do not know well or understand his or her ways (i.e., perhaps a store clerk of a different color, nationality, religious belief, etc.) then I put out HARMONY vibrations into the world, even though I may not get along with my sister, for example. By practicing HARMONY with all I meet, with all I live near, perhaps one day I can enjoy HARMONY with those I may choose to remove from my life at this time.... and by LIVING A LIFE OF HARMONY, I believe I help to create WORLD PEACE!!
Alice G. Price

If you believe in fighting for peace, remember....

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